Saturday, 30 August 2014

Peelfest! #3

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that today is John Peel's 75th birthday, so by appropriate coincidence here is my 75th Peel session post. Previously the Peelfest's have been posted on the anniversary of Uncle John's passing, but I decided to bring this one forward as a small contribution to commemorate this special occasion.
So, once again here are five eclectic sessions, one from each decade of John's broadcasting career.
Trouble Trouble
An Old Poltroon
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce
There And Back Via Sweden
In My Room Sits A Box
An Indirect Love Poem


Rodgers and Out
Tears On My Pillow
Jumping Into Love
Fruitier Than Thou has CDV's debut 1984 Peel session and an Andy Kershaw set from 1985.
Hawaiian Island Wranglers
I'm In Love With No One
Street Bunny
Volvo In G


Pram - Peel 4.3.2000
The Archivist
A Million Bubbles Burst*

(* bonus track from debut 1999 session).

Monday, 25 August 2014

Ivor Cutler - Peel Session 23/02/1983

Ivor Cutler's 12th session for Uncle John, albeit with six pieces missing.
Some confusion abounds as to the exact date the recording of this session took place. Both the John Peel Wiki and Keeping It Peel sites list the date as March 23rd, but the first broadcast was on the 3rd of that month with a repeat airing on the aforementioned date which these recordings are taken from. The same show also featured the sixth session from the Fall which included Smile and Eat Y'Self Fitter, the latter track purportedly sent Peel into a mild state of delirium!
A scout about on Google lead me to a Cutler fansite which lists the recording date as February 3rd, so it seems plausible that that is the correct date and clear how confusion over the two dates could have arisen.
Mostly Tins
Bad Eye
Life In A Scotch Sitting Room Vol 2 Ep 17
Doughnut In My Hand
Old Black Dog
People Run To The Edge
Life In A Scotch Sitting Room Vol 2 Ep 18

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Red Letter Day - Peel Session 13/04/1986

Pride of Pompey punky pop purveyors Red Letter Day taped just this one session for John Peel at the dawning of the indelibly-tagged C86 era. The group had already released their debut 7" single Wherever YouMay Run the previous year, self-financed on their own label Last Generation. I recall Janice Long giving the single a fair bit of airplay, even reading out the group's contact address with details of how to purchase the disc (which I duly and eagerly did).
The band had formed in 1984, but at the time of this session frontman/guitarist Ade Oakley was the only original member,  recruited Davie Egan (guitar), Keith Metcalfe (bass), and Daryn Price (drums) for a line up that would remain stable until 1988.
Possibly too punk for floppy fringed brown anorak brigade and too pop for hardcore post-punkers, RLD seemingly melded UK Subs chord progressions with sixties melodic pop hooks to create their own peculiar post-punk vision - the main riff to Killing Ground wouldn't sound out of place on The Notorious Byrd Brothers or Love first album.
The group signed to the Quiet label for their next release, a four track 12" ep entitled Released Emotions issued a few months after this session and a 7" Take Me In Your Arms. A split album with The Sect appeared in 1988, but it wouldn't be until 1991 that they issued their debut album proper, More Songs About Love And War, followed three years later by Nothing At This Moment In Time.
Aside from a best of retrospective (Chance Meetings) in 2004, the band issued no further new material, but were still fairly active on the south coast live circuit until the early noughties.
Spark Of Love
Coming Home
Killing Ground

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Yeah Yeah Noh - First Rehearsal 12/08/1983

Here's a real treat for fans in awe of the most perfect pop group known to mankind. A lost treasure recently unearthed from Derek Hammond's attic, here's an early version of YYN featuring a line up of Derek Hammond, John Grayland, Graham Summers (drummer on the Cottage Industry ep) and on bass Alan Jenkins of Deep Freeze Mice fame, shaping up songs in preparation for what would this line up's one an only gig at The Imperial Hotel in Leicester the following month.
Recorded at the "Mice Abode", Cottage Industry comes almost fully fledged to the debut ep version released almost exactly a year on from this session.
Trini Lopez was an out-take from the March '84 sessions for the Cottage Industry 7" but gained a posthumous release on the Cordelia Records sampler album, Obscure Independent Classics Vol 3. Here the song has a more slower-paced jazz swing type of rhythm.
Cult Of Excellence is an early stab at what became 1901 from the Beware The Weakling Lines ep.
While the title may be familiar, Married Miss New Jersey is a completely different song to the one on Cutting The Heavenly Lawn....
Keen Cyclist was later recorded for a home demo session in January '84 which landed the beat combo a recording contract with In Tape. Otherwise the song was dropped from their repertoire.
If the Velvet Underground had the great lost album then YYN can lay claim to the great lost 12" only bonus track! Observation was performed at the aforementioned gig but soon dropped. On closer inspection listening to the main E/Amin chord sequence I wonder if this was maybe later adapted for Blood Soup?
Cottage Industry
Trini Lopez
Keen Cyclist
Cult Of Excellence
Married Miss New Jersey
Of course, all this is a world away from where YYN are at now. New single She Pulls The Petal From The Flower was released in June and can be listened to at the group's youtube channel Yeah Yeah Noh Videoh. Once you've done that why not splash out on the 3 track digital ep from Amazon.
You also get a Score Dub of the title track and a new recording of Another Side To Mrs. Quill for your hard earned pennies. In addition to that there's an exclusive Juneau Brothers remix of Petal on Bandcamp. There's also a 6 track dj promo cd doing the rounds with a remix of Quill and new song Automatically Saturday (Arc Vel mix).
Yeah Yeah Noh are busy recording a new album which will hopefully be released by the end of the year. Chart their progress at the combo's Facebook page.
And while you're logged in to Facebook, maybe you might take a peak at the international - some might say universal - YYN fan club that is The Yeah Yeah Noh Ropey Audio Emporium where you will find all manner of exclusive goodies and rarities past and present.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Pastels - Peel Sessions 1997-99

I posted The Pastels debut Peel session from 1984, along with the unbroadcast Kid Jenson session from the same year, back in April 2013.  By the time they followed it up thirteen years later The Pastels had evolved into an entirely different beastie:  the pastel-painted pop punk of olde had been replaced by a more pastoral perculation of post-rock.

The '97 session kicks off with Ship To Shore (possibly exclusive to this session, unless you know different), followed by a cover the Silver Jews Advice To The Graduate. The acclaimed Illumination album gets a shot of publicity with a version of On The Way. Frozen Wave - a track only otherwise available on the b side to Unfair Kind Of Fame - fades out after little over a minute due to running out of tape!

In Pastels terms, the third session arrived pretty hastily. Opening number Star is introduced by Peel as as a cover of the "Hallelujah psychedelic masterpiece". I don't know the original but would like to. The next two tracks would not appear on record for another 14 years! Secret Music opened last summer's excellent Slow Summits album, while Rundown Rendezvous is an early stab at what became thee album's title track. The last song is a version of Mechanised from 1997's Illumination.

Ship To Shore
Advice To The Graduate
On The Way
Frozen Wave
Rundown Rendezvous
Secret Music

Friday, 8 August 2014

McCarthy - Peel Session 7/10/1986

McCarthy may possibly be considered a footnote in fan-conscience as the band Tim Gane was in before he hit the big time with Stereolab. If so, they'd be wrong and missing out.

The group released debut single In Purgatory on the Wall Of Salmon (!) label in late 1985. They were given wider exposure with their inclusion on the NME's C86 compilation, reissued as a 3cd deluxe box set by Cherry Red in June of this year. Although sharing musical similarities, McCarthy had more lyrical depth than their jangly contemporaries with subject matters going beyond spotty teen crushes, weather conditions and chocolate.

Tim Gane's prolific songwriting nature was already in evidence at this early stage which would go into complete overdrive come the 90s, no doubt causing diehard collectors nightmares and possibly hair and weight loss too in tracking down every 'Lab formatting variant.

McCarthy released a total of  three albums, plus a singles/b sides compilation before calling it a day in 1990. They recorded three sessions for Peel almost exactly a year apart from one another, none of which I've come across in the Land Of Blog before. This is their debut from October 1986.

An MP Speaks
Franz Hals
A Child Soon In Chains

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Terry Edwards - Peel Sessions 1991-99

All four sessions in completion that Terry Edwards recorded for the John Peel wing ding. Edwards first came to prominence in the early 80s as trumpet player for The Higsons, a band he co-founded whilst studying at the University of East Anglia.

At the start of the 90s Edwards was fronting his own band, later to evolve into The Scapegoats, and released a single covering songs by The Fall and The Jesus and Mary Chain. As well as penning and performing his own original material, some interesting cover choices are spread across these for sessions, ranging from Miles Davis to Motorhead, via James Brown and even a Napalm Death medley!

Edwards has worked with a variety of musicians and artists including Nick Cave, Lydia Lunch, Tom Waits, Gallon Drunk and Faust to name but a few.

All four sessions have appeared on difficult to find (unless you reside in Scandinavia, so it seems)official releases back in the 90s, although there's merchandise aplenty to be found at the Sartorial label's website.

Terry Edwards is due to play the Peel Regenerated festival in Stockton-On-Tees this October. Also featuring other Maggot Caviar favourites including Nightingales, Wolfhounds, Eton Crop, A Witness, a reformed Terry & Gerry and many more. Details on Facebook.
Napalm Death Medley
Lubbock, Texas
Hey Louis, Let's Do Lunch
It's Showtime
Five Years
I Like The Low-Life Low
Boots Off!
Sick Thru Drunk
Cover Versions
Sex Machine
Ace Of Spades
Spill The Beans