Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Happy Birthday John Peel!

The time has come to let sleeping blogs lie, so all future sessions will be posted on my where it's at for funky diehards youtube channel. Despite only being a few weeks in existence, the channel is already beginning to swell like a spacehopper on a diet of deep-fried Mars bars - with the added bonus of no inappropriately annotated codswallop from my good self.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Top Gear Carol Singers 08/12/1970

Merry christmas and happy new year, dear reader!

For more info on this session got to the JP Wiki.

And while I'm here, we now have an upgrade of The Nightingales eighth and final session which came my way via Mr. Norm Waz Esq. Available at the original link from my post in November 2012.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Peelfest! #7

Like a Pat Phoenix rising from the cigarette ashes, ever reliable as an old Shep Woolley album surfacing in your nearest charity shop, Maggot Caviar returns once again with a sumptuous soupcon of soothing session sounds salvaged from the cobwebbed corners of the musty stair cupboards of Suburbia.

The Idle Race - Top Gear 29/06/1969
Jeff Lynne pre-Horace Wimp pomp pop and television commercials promoting generic comeback albums in prime time viewing slots.

Tir Na Nog - Top Gear 23/10/1973
The veteran Irish duo were no strangers to the BBC studios, taping no less than four sessions in the space of 17 months. This was the last session and features a somewhat surprising and footstomping reinterpretation of a Nick Drake track.

Glaxo Babies - Peel 19/02/1980
Second session from the Glaxos complete with JP radio jingle performed by John Walters!

The Three Johns - Peel 21/07/1982
Elusive debut session cobbled together from a recent Gideon Coe broadcast (tracks 1-2) and a repeat airing from 1982 found on Mixcloud. A version of You'll Never Walk Alone was also recorded but is sadly missing.

Update 6/12/16:  I published this post last Friday completely unaware that the set was scheduled for broadcast on Chris Hawkins overnight show two days later. So now in fact we DO have the version of You'll Never Walk Alone along with better quality files of Heads Like Convicts and Pink Headed Bug. Next mission: to locate the second Peel set from 1983. In the meantime, sessions 3-6 to are available @ Cliff Richards Neck.

Sophisticated Boom Boom - Peel 20/09/1982
Rare but ropey recording of SBB's second session. Check out the debut session from my post in June 2014.

The Luddites - Peel 10/09/1983
Little known band I know little about. Hailing from Hull, The Luddites released a 3 track ep The Strength Of Your Cry on Xcentric Noise in 1983, which was followed up the following year with a self-financed 7" Altered States. Inbetween, they taped this their only session for JP.

Marc Riley & The Creepers - Peel 25/08/1985
The modern age's answer to John Peel, here's what Mr. Riley was getting up to in summer '85 with the third of the five sessions he taped for the show.

Jasmine Minks - Janice Long 15/10/1986
Until this set was broadcast by Marc Riley back in the summer, I had no idea that it existed. Taped just eight months after their lone Peel set, and with Adam Sanderson having departed in the summer, the group showcased newer more mature songs that would eventually surface on Another Age, but also dug out Where The Traffic Goes, already sounding like a long time bonafide classic despite being released only a couple of years earlier. Follow Me Away was also recorded at the session but alas wasn't aired.

Mangrove Steel Band - Peel 22/03/1987
It was probably safe to assume to expect the unexpected with regards to Peel's eclectic tastes in music, but nobody could have predicted a group of Notting Hill based Trinidadians would be invited to Maida Vale to lay down these three tracks in 1987.

fIREHOSE - Peel 12/06/1988
For some inexplicable reason - or quite possibly several inexplicable reasons - this session from the former Minutemen rhythm section isn't listed on either the JP Wiki or Keeping It Peel sites.

Loudon Wainwright III - Peel-Kershaw 14/08/1993
Live to air double header with inbetween song banter. The Kershaw half (tracks 1-3) were taken from a recent - yep, you guessed it - 6 Music boroadcast, while the Peel tracks are captured from the night of the broadcast.

The Nightingales - Marc Riley 26/05/2016
      For the noughties, I had originally intended to include Culture's third session from 2002, but Fruitier Than Thou did a Morphy Richards and you can now find it on youtube. Instead, we have those stalwarts of the BBC session The Nightingales with their most recent for Marc Riley, a pre-recorded affair for, so we were told, "various reasons".


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Stump - Peel Sessions 1986-88 + Bogshed Rarities!


Stump - Peel 26.01.1986
Down On The Kitchen Table
Orgasm Way
Grab Hands

Stump - Peel #2 24.06.1986
Tupperware Stripper
Big End
Bit Part Actor

Stump - Peel #3 13.01.1987
Living It Down
Eager Bereaver

Stump - Peel #4 14.08.1988
The Song's Remains
Seven Sisters
Straight And Narrow

Back in October, I became the unexpected owner of a test pressing of The Sheds withdrawn single Stop Revolving after a chance stumbling upon on ebay. For some inexplicable reason everybody and his dog now wants to be my friend. I have since resorted to employing 24 hour armed guard to protect the item, now housed in a frame with bullet proof glass, enmeshed in electric barbed wire and stored in a secret location navigable only by light aircraft.
I've never come across a copy before and don't know how many copies actually exist. It would be interesting to find out if anyone out there owns a copy or has come across one at some point.
'La La La' Demos 1985
Expanded and upgraded ten track deluxe edition! Now includes actual demo version of City Girls (the set that was circulating a few years back had the Let Them Eat Bogshed version) complete with descending bass intro later employed as an instrumental passage in Jobless Youngsters.

Demos & Rarities 1985-87
Tweaking and tidying up of a previous post. Includes new rip of Stop Revolving from my copy of the test pressing.
Only known live recording in existence of Bogshed on foreign soil! Exact date unknown, possibly ca Nov/Dec. Several Brutal-era tracks already surfacing in the set, including the unreleased Stop Revolving.

4th Peel Session 14.04.1987
Upgrade captured from a recent Marc Riley broadcast.
Dick Dale - Peel/Kershaw 30.03.1995 (Extra track Kiss Of Fire added)
Felt - Andy Kershaw 27.08.1986
(Taken from a recent 6 Music airing. All tracks complete and with correct recording date to boot!).

Maggot Caviar will return sometime in 2016 for a Peelfest or two.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Peelfest! #6

R.I.P. John Peel - eleven years gone. Here are ten more rare and elusive sessions once again, two from each decade of the great man's broadcasting career.
Diamond Hard Blues Apples Of The Moon
Get To You
Little Arabella (And Sorcery)

The Whitsun Dance
Lovely Joan
God Dog
The Blacksmith Courted

I'm Walking To A Farm
Baby Sits
The Railway Sleepers
Three Sisters
Big Jim
Life In A Scotch Sitting Room Vol2 Ep19
Down Di Road
Reality Poem
Sonny's Lettah
I Want Fi Go Rave
This Town
Waiting For A Change
We Belong
One Day
Get A Hotel
There's A Ghost In My House
Haf Found Bormann
Even perennial Peel favourites were prone to doing a spot of moonlighting rival shows as evidenced by this Janice Long set. Featuring a rendition of then current minor hit, two songs that would grace The Frenz Experiment the following year, plus a superior reading (in my humble opinion) of rare B side Haf Found Bormann.
The Flower Called Nowhere
The Light Will Cease To Fail
Refractions In The Plastic Pulse
Miss Modular
Metronomic Underground
The 'Lab recorded countless sessions for the BBC during the 90s, including five for Peelie, which were largely collected on their exhaustive 2cd set ABC Music. This, their fourth, performed live to air from the BBC Maida Vale studios, wasn't included on that release, so unless you had your finger poised on the pause button back in the day (or evening as the case may be) then you won't have this!

Peel Intro
Monkey Puzzle
A Million Bubbles Burst
Teaching Snails To Make Pearls
Hey Sailor
Hot Dog

Higgle-dy Piggle-dy
Midnight In Aspen
Pacifying Joint
Interview Pt 1
Interview Pt 2
With Peel's passing and 6 Music still in it's infancy, the chance of hearing The Fall on the nation's airwaves was slim if not non-existent. Then in stepped none other than Radio 3 with this Fall Heads Roll-heavy set. In the interview MES sings the praises of the democratic nature of his current line up, blissfully unaware they would desert him midway through what turned out to be their last US tour just a few weeks later.
Maggot Caviar will return for a BOGSHED SPECTACULAR in the run up to Christmas, so keep 'em Peeled!

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Peelfest! #5

 Today would have been John Peel's 76th birthday, so I thought I'd pop back out from the woodwork from whence I originally came to enlighten the masses with another eclectic smorgasboard of sonic wonderment that is Peelfest #5.
Since I announced my "retirement" last October, whereupon a nation mourned and wept uncontrollably, sparking off severe flood warnings far and wide across the land, I seem to have spent most of my leisure time clearing out my email inbox notifying of ever-increasing downloads from this blog. I've even acquired 7 or 8 new members in my absence. Hmmmm.... maybe I should just keep quiet.
There was a time in the not so distant past when comebacks were frowned upon and were normally the reserve for burned out heavy metal bands who were forced into earning a living again due to unexpected tax bills or having their homes repossessed due to monies squandered on excessive drug usage.
But after many sleepless nights pacing the floorboards and writhing feverishly in contemplation and indecision on sweat soaked sheets, my decision was swayed when one night a bearded apparition swathed in golden light appeared at the foot of my bed.
"Young fawn!", the spirit asserted. "I hearby command you to post the Mandrake Paddle Steamer session. I realise it received a limited vinyl released a few years back, but here in the afterlife there are no turntables. I've not heard the session snce the first night of broadcast and will not rest until I have done so. Failure to comply and I will quite happily - and, for that matter, mercilessly - unleash the ghosts of my dead dogs upon ye!"
"Y-y-y-yes, Your Greatness", I stammered as the incandescent figure dematerialised into the windswept, crepuscular night.
So here he have a whopping ten sessions, two from each decade of Uncle John's broadcasting career, that are 100% guaranteed to eat up precious disk space on your hard drive. And if that wasn't more than enough, at the bottom of the post you will find ten links to upgraded sessions - including, at long last, a pristine-ish upgrade of Bogshed's fourth session from 1987 and Big Flames debut from 1984. For zydeco fans, the John Delafose 1992 session for Andy Kershaw is now complete with all six tracks.
That should keep you all amused for now. Back in October.

Senlac Lament
Cooger and Dark
Janus Suite
Ivory Castle Of Solitaire Husk
East Wing

Time Of No Reply
River Man
Three Hours
Bryter Layter
Cello Song
Some Of That Stuff
Hurry On Sundown
Seeing It As You Really Are


Pearly Winged Fly
Go and Sit Upon The Grass
Life In A Scotch Sitting Room Vol 2 Ep 11
True Humility
Nigerians In A Tunnel
I Spent Ten Years
Sleepy Old Snake
Little Black Buzzer
A Wooden Tree
Mr. Cutler's sixth session for Mr. Peel. Complete set taken from a medium wave transmission in December 1975.

Cripple Creek
Hickory Holler
Long Tall Texan
Little known band I know little about. Mining similar territory to Terry & Gerry and Lash Lariat & The Long Riders, they appear to have released just one single in 1984 and an album, Skiff Skat Stuff, in 1985. This was their debut session for Peel, recording a follow up In February 1985 which you will find at the indefatigable Fruitier Than Thou youtube channel. 
Kuroja Chete
Chemedze Vana
Writing On The Wall
Let's Work Together
My Foolish Heart
Tracks 1-5: Peel #1 6/7/86
Tracks 6-9: Peel #2 21/12/86
This month marks the 20th anniversary of Biggie Tembo's tragic demise, so it seems appropriate to post the Bhundus two Peel sessions, recorded just five months apart, by way of tribute.
A couple of ropey versions of the debut session (tracks 1-5) have been circulating on youtube for eons, so here's a pristine-ish version largely taken from a re-airing when Vic Galloway sat in for Marc Riley only last month.
Kamata Lupembe
Remmy Ongala recorded at least three sessions for Andy Kershaw, which were compiled on a cd on the short-lived Strange Roots label in 1994, but this was his only session for Uncle John. If Kamata Lupembe doesn't have you dancing in your own inimitable interpretation of dancing, then quite clearly you are not in possession of legs.
The Wedge
Night Rider
3rd Stone From The Sun
Calling Up Spirits
 Kiss Of Fire
Tracks 1-6: Peel TX 8/4/95
Tracks 7-10 Kershaw TX 7/5/95
The King of the surf guitar was undergoing a bit of a renaissance thanks to the inclusion of Miserlou as the main theme to Pulp Fiction by the time he made his first trip to the BBC Maida Vale studios. The first of five sessions Dale recorded for Peel, this was recorded in tandem with Andy Kershaw's show. The Peel tracks (1-6) are complete and got their debut airing 8th April 1995. The remaining tracks were broadcast on the Kershaw programme the following month. 

The Lady and The Travelling Man
Out On The Side
How I Long To
Dim Brains Dot Com