Monday, 31 December 2012

Papa Wemba - Peel Session 19/8/1992

Hmmm.....seems this blog has taken on a Midlands bias of late, so let's get virtually peripatetic and expand our horizons with a trip to Paris via the Democratic Republic of Congo.

If you're not looking forward to Later with Jools Holland (even though Dexys are supposed to be appearing) and have taken to reminscing about the days when Andy Cameron graced our screens at Hogmanay prancing about in his McEwan's lager-drenched kilt and jabbering jocko gibberish until Big Ben intervened, then why not see in 2013 with Papa Wemba.

The first of two sessions Wemba recorded for Peel, eight songs in total were taped, split equally for broadcast among Peel and Andy Kershaw. In typical Maggot Caviar fashion, three songs are missing, but hopefully the five tracks presented here will get you into the party spirit before real mundanity beckons.

Happy New Year, dear reader.

1. Madilamba
2. Maria Valencia
3. Zero
4. Ombela
5. Lingo Lingo*

*broadcast on Andy Kershaw's show.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Yeah Yeah Noh - The Abattoir, Leicester 15/12/2012

So, christmas has been and gone once again in the blink of a turkeys eye. The leftover cheese straws (which nobody of sound mind would even contemplate eating, yet somehow an extra large packet always ends up in the house every christmas) are going soggy in the back garden for the consumption of our feathered friends, which will ultimately lead to emergency call outs to your local window cleaner before the new year kicks in.

You're sitting comfortably in your newly acquired-for-you Peacocks socks watching something you don't want to watch on television, secretly hoping an overlooked present lies waiting to be discovered amidst the befallen needles from the christmas tree. Should it fail to materialise, let this here offering be that lost present instead: Yeah Yeah Noh's homecoming show in Leicester just under a fortnight ago.

 Strange to think that last time Noh & The Gang played in the city I was still a few weeks shy of legal drinking age. I had a ticket for this show, but last minute work commitments rendered me unable to attend. Thankfully, Mr. P. Symons of the second biggest L was on hand to capture the pink and green juicy fruit-flavoured trip of the psychedelic jackanory on no less than three different state of the art secreted contraptions. Four new songs were proverbially unveiled to the beautiful and in awe flower children present, as well as cosmic regroovings of their pop hits from yesteryear.

1. Prick Up Your Ears
2. Temple Of Convenience
3. Bias Binding
4. Shooting From The Hip
5. Another Side To Mrs. Quill
6. Automatically Saturday
7. Superimposed Man
8. Starling Pillowcase
9. Let's Start A War
10. Cottage Industry
11. Up On The Downs
12. See Through Nature
13. Stealing In The Name Of The Lord
14. Blood Soup
15. encore break
16. Up On The Downs

If you haven't been following the John Peel Record Archive, not to worry - they've saved the best til last.
Introduced by Sheila Ravenscroft, a short documentary with Derek and John detailing their meteoric rise to global superstardom and practical advice on how to successfully pack a drum kit into the boot of a Ford Cortina.

Monday, 24 December 2012

The Capitols - Burberries, Birmingham 31/3/1987

Persistant rain, flood warnings, waterlogged public access areas, cold, skint, nothing to look forward to on telly bar Emmerdale and repeats of the Magic Roundabout - must be christmas time in the UK then.

If, like me, you've reached the age whereby an overbearing sense of doom is cast over your yuletide spirit if you haven't received at least two pairs of socks as gifts, console yourself with this excellent live recording of short-lived Brum quintet The Capitols. Both sides of their lone single are performed, alongside tracks from their equally lone Peel session, plus a few lost gems that may or may not exist  elsewhere other than this recording.

Many thanks to Mr. P. Symons from the shires of Leicester for the recording, and Mr. L. Thacker of Brumagen for the photo.

1. Lousy Day
2. Who Can Tell
3. ?
4. ?
5. I Want To Be Alone
6. Falling Again
7.  Everytime
8.  Better World
9. Rude Awakening
10. Born Yesterday
11. Piss Off
12. Lovers Leap
13. Young Girl

Friday, 21 December 2012

The Nightingales - Sheffield University 6/12/1985

Tis the season to decry bah bloody humbug. However, if I may momentarily rouse myself from my middle-aged irascibility, and offer you another groovy Gales live show, comprising a set almost exclusively of material of the then yet to be recorded In The Good Old Country Way album.

At the risk of contradicting myself and going back on my word for a second time, this will definately be the last Gales live show posting of 2012. In fact, I'll go as far to say there will be no more Nightingales posts until March 2013. At the very least. Y'hear!

1. I Spit In Your Gravy
2. Square Circle
3. How To Age
4. power failure to stage
5. band returns/explaination/tuning
6. What A Carry On
7. Comfort And Joy
8. It's A Cracker
9. Down In The Dumps
10. Part Time Moral England
11. The Headache Collector
12. short encore break
13. This

Friday, 14 December 2012

Terry & Gerry - Peel Sessions 1984-85

The elusive debut John Peel session, recorded 11 July 1984 and broadcast on at least two occasions during the summer of that year. Mysteriously not listed on the Keeping It Peel site, here for your aural delectation, dear reader, not only in its entirety, but in pristine-ish audio quality too!

Presumably, thanks should go to an unknown listener who may have requested the session for broadcast on 6 Music's Live Music Hour, presented by Chris Hawkins. Naturally, yours truly simply had to stay up until 4am to capture it (and still managed to get up at a reasonable hour to bring it to you all oh so swiftly!).

Five songs in eight minutes, not even Napalm Death could manage that!

1. Hello
2. Clothes Shop
3. Butters On The Bread
4. Wolfman's Request
5. Wait Until You're Older

ICA, London 5/10/1984
1. The Good, The Bad and The Usherette  2. Wolfman's Request  3. A Thousand Towns  4. Cars.  5. Hello  6. Butters On The Bread  7. TV Song  8. Dennis and Brian  9. Wait Until You're Older  10. Pizza, Pies and Junk  11. Clothes Shop.

This excellent short-lived Brum combo would go on two record two more sessions for Peelie in 1985, recorded exactly six months apart. There is scant info on t'internet on this criminally underrated group, but a brief outline of their history can be found here.
Banking On Simon
Kennedy Says
Armchair Terrorist Song
A Sea Shanty For The Gravy Boat
Fashion Rodeo
Ballad Of A Nasty Man
The Last Bullet Of The Gun


Saturday, 8 December 2012

Victorian Parents - Silence Follows (LP 1981)

I vowed to upload this extremely rare Polydor album by this great lost Lichfield four-piece several moons ago when writing about their debut single in a previous post. Here - finally - it is.

Three decades on from it's initial - and only - release, the album is still brain-bogglingly difficult to categorise. At times displaying prog-ish influences of early seventies Floyd or Hawkwind; others suggest traces of the psychedelically-inclined new wave groups emerging at the dawn of the eighties. On Self-Indulgence, lead vocalist Steve Johnson sounds uncannily like Wilder-era Julian Cope to my ears.

The guitar sounds/textures the VPs created still sound unique and fresh today - even appearing to synthesise synthesisers - possibly a nod towards the New Romantic scene that was breaking through into the mainstream the year this record came out. Only one single, All American Hero, was lifted from the album, curiously backed with the same version of Another Waste Of Time that had graced their self-financd debut.

While neither release made much impact in commercial terms, Polydor were keen on making a second album. Although several songs apparently were recorded, the title of their debut album proved somewhat portentous, and no further releases materialised. One track, Second Thoughts, posthumously appeared on a four track 12" compilation ep, Those That Fell, on Local Records in 1983.

Despite successful tours in the UK and Europe, either as headliners or supporting The Comsat Angels, and an appearance on the Old Grey Whistle Test, the band parted company with Polydor. A mere 13 months after their promising and innovative lone album was unleashed onto an apathetic record buying public, the Victorian Parents decided to call it a day in December 1982.

It's tempting to say as a 13 year old wannabe (i.e. deluded) hipster that I rushed out and bought the album on the first day it hit Bradshaw's (a TV rental company that also sold records) in Lichfield. Truth is, I borrowed it from the local library, and had it preserved on a Curry's no quibble guarantee ferric cassette for years. It wasn't until sometime in the early nineties that I got hold of my gold-embossed promotional copy you see before you now. Purchased from the late great Plastic Factory shop on Corporation Street, Birmingham for the bargain, and simultaneously insulting, price of a quid.

1. All American Hero
2. On The Border
3. Self-Indulgence
4. Dead Red Grass Of Home
5. Uncommunique
6. No Response
7. Wasteland
8. My Advantage
9. Endless Wire

Recorded & mixed July/August 1981 at Woodbine St. Studios, Leamington Spa.
Produced by VPs/John Rivers.
Engineered by John Rivers.

Released by Polydor (UK) November 1981
POLS 1049.

Clinton Beale: guitar, backing vocals
David Phizacklea: bass, bvs
Roy Thomas: drums, bvs
Steve Johnson - guitar, lead vocals.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Jim Noir - Marc Riley Session 23/8/2012

Meanwhile, back in the 21st century....

Now if Brian Wilson had steered clear of under the counter sugar cubes, backstreet psychologists, and the Manson Family, then maybe he'd still be making music as quirky, poppy and deceptively simple as young Jimmy here.

After issuing a series of digital only eps via his online Noir Club in monthly instalments during 2011, autumn finally saw Noir release his first full length long player since his eponymous semapho...somaph...seraph....his second album back in 2008.

Jimmy's Show is available in an assortment of formats @ his official website. I'd heartily recommend the lemony vinyl edition.

1. Tea
2. Under The Tree
3. JJC Sports

A fourth track was recorded for broadcast on Gideon Coe's show; alas, I missed it.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Bogshed - Demos & Rareties 1985-87

Of course, all Bogshed songs, whether commercially released or out-takes slowly oxidising in long forgotten vaults, are rareties, considering they've never left the grooves they were originally preserved in onto the Satan's Frisbee format.

I first posted the La La La demos back in the summer, but having decided to close my rarely used Mediafire account last month, I subsequently deleted the post. Instead, I've collected all known (to me) tracks that didn't feature on singles, albums or Peel sessions on one handy, convenient post. Yes! Maggot Caviar is fast becoming your friendly One Stop shop for all your geeky needs; while I in the process am fast taking on the girth of your local Mr. VG.

This month marks the fourth anniversary of the sad passing of Tris King, so consider this post as a small tribute to a fine, underrated musician who left us some fantastic and unique music.

1. Hold Up Your Hands, I'm Coming To The Market
2. Lodger Problem
3. Porridge In The Clothes
4. The Amazing Roy North Penis Band
5. Gathering Change
6. Too Many Personalities
7. You Are Now This
8. Packed Lunch To School
9. Fat Lad Exam Failure
10. Hand Me Down Father
11. Panties Please
12. Slave Girls
13. Spencer Travis
14. US Bands
15. Hand Me Down Father (Rouska version)
16. Runner On A Blunder
17. Stop Revolving
18. Your Science, My Sound

1-7 Burn In Hell (aborted Cherry Red comp cd)
8-14 La La La demos 1985
15 Raging Sun comp lp (Rouska 1985)
16 Imminent 4 comp lp (Food 1986)
17-18 withdrawn 7" single 1987.

Nerd note: I've omitted City Girls from the La La La demos as it's the same version as featured on their debut ep, Let Them Eat Bogshed.

And if that wasn't enough, here's another live set, this time from the Fulham Greyhound 8/2/1986.


The Nightingales - Fighting Cocks, Birmingham 1982

At the risk of spoiling you all, this will be the last (he says) Nightingales post for 2012.

Nice early concert and quite decent sound recording too. Four of the songs from this set did receive a limited commercial release on the scarce What A Scream compilation cd from 1991, possibly to pay off some unpaid studio bills after Rob Lloyd's failed attempt at superstardom. But then again, possibly not.

Many thanks again to Mr. Wazzer for the recording.

1. Start From Scratch  2. Give 'Em Time  3. It Lives Again!  4. Under The Lash  5. The Crunch  6. My Brilliant Career  7. Joking Apart  8. Inside Out  9. Use Your Loaf  10. Which Hi-Fi  11. The Hedonists Sigh  12. Parafin Brain  13. Elvis, The Last Ten Days

Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Capitols - Peel Session 24/3/1987

Just when you thought it was safe, here's another Nightingales-related post.

Short-lived quintet featuring Tank and Maria from The Gales whose output consists of one 7" single and this here session.  After T&M departed to concentrate on Rumblefish, the band became The Cantels, releasing a 4 track 12", I Want To Be Alone, in 1988. At one time they traded under the name The Sue Capitols. Other than that, I know nothing about 'em.

1. Every Time  2. Who Can Tell  3. I Want To Be Alone  4. Falling Again  5. Born Yesterday

Many thanks to Mr. Thacker for Born Yesterday, and for providing the missing tracks to The Nightingales final Peel session from 1986, which you will find here.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

The McTells - Flexi Disc Ep 1986

If the DIY dream ended when Creation ceased releasing records in wraparound sleeves of the tinted zerox kind, and the bat wing sweater-attired Byrdsian chancers of the Sarah stable, whose psycholological stability largely depended on the state of the weather, made you happy to get scared, then Bi-Joopiter was the label of choice for you.

Initially operating as a cassette only label from their Hertford hideout, this was the first tentative foray into the vinyl medium, housed in packaging supplied by their local greengrocers, and including no less than four inserts.

Please have your original ten pence pieces at the ready for a bumpy ride across bygone microgrooves bursting with scratchy-stringed, nasally-blocked pop!

Track list:
1. Sometimes - The McTells
2. Virginia MC - The McTells
3. Creep - Rig Veda & The Twins

Detailed Bi-Joopiter discography here.

The McTells live summer 2012 on youtube!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

First Church Of Napoleon Solo - Debbydid (7" 1985)

Lentil-friendly psychedelia on a giro budget. From Essex.

Quite possibly the most strange and obscure curio to emerge from mid-eighties indiedom. In terms of oddity, one to rival Oshun's "Rattle Of Life" from the sixties garage compilation Pebbles Trash Box.

Strictly limited to a few hundred copies, each with hand-painted paper sleeves, the single was only available via mail order to the lucky few who chanced upon the "zine scene", which in my case was through the reviews section in the long defunct Zig Zag magazine.

It's tempting to romanticise the people behind this artefact as bedsit mystics, who'd genetically inherited the acid casualty ethos of their hippie parents, on a mission to expand the consciousness of a culturally undernourished eighties youth disillusioned with the saccharine pap of Stock, Aitken & Waterman and the flatulent synthetics of the ZTT roster. Reality is, they were probably a bunch of skint students attempting to relieve themselves of summer holiday listlessness, and no doubt garner kudos among fellow female classmates along the way.


Friday, 23 November 2012

The Dragsters - Albino (7" 1986)

Incredible as it may seem, but the post I present to you today features no involvement whatsoever from past, present - and quite possibly future - members of The Nightingales.

There were several bands trading as The Dragsters in the mid-late eighties, but these particular Dragsters hailed from Greenock, Scotland. Depending on your politics (as Leonard Cohen would say) they either had the most coolest/ridiculous nom de plumes - Vince Van Yak is arguably the greatest household name we never had.

Produced by David Keegan (Shop Assistants) and released on the Union City label (Snick 1), this was the first of three singles the band recorded before obscurity beckoned. The combined running time of the three songs just about clocks in at five minutes - less time than some a sides alone.

Beneath the humourous lyrics and quick-fire melodic rush, the song structures (most notably on the b sides) suggest these C86sters were no late jumpers to the Creation copyist wagon, and possibly liked their lemonade laced with bourbon shots and wore anoraks made from rattlesnake hyde.

Side 1: Albino

Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Nightingales - Thames Poly, London 25/1/1985

Summat for the weekend.

1. Part Time Moral England  2. Surplus and Scarcity  3. How To Age  4. Here We Go Now  5. Batchelor Land  6. Not Man Enough  7. Coincidence  8. unknown  9. It's A Cracker  10. CF intro  11. Crafty Fag  12. What A Carry On  13. Square Circle  14. Heroin  15. Urban Ospreys  16. encore break  17. First My Job  18. The Crunch

Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Nightingales - Glastonbury 1986

Sounds indeed!

This morning I received a nice bumper package of assorted sonic goodness (including no less than TEN Nightingales live sets) courtesy of Salop's geatest living man, Mr. Wazzer.

Here we find Rob Lloyd and band getting deep down dirty in the heart of the good old country way and shaking, rattling and rolling the chakras of many a longhair present in the process.

Critics and pundits may lay claim that the untelevised Pilton festival of the eighties was largely the domain of has been rockers and ageing folkie troubadours with restricted mobility wheeled out annually to top up their pensions in lieu of diminishing royalty cheques (bit like today then), but someone in the Family Eavis were down with the kids in the so-called indie summer of love.

Before Glastonbury became a civilised weekend break "worthy" (see what I did there) of respectable readers of The Independent, these were the days when weekend hippies would harvest the entire contents of their greenhouses to profit from the gullibility of thrill-seeking students; washing facilities had yet to be invented, and bottled water was strictly a luxury affordable only by the nouveau riche. If carrying a shovel seemed too arduous a task to tunnel under the woefully and laughably inadequate fence, a rope ladder would suffice. Not that I would know about these things: my first Glastonbury wasn't until 2000,  my last being 2002.

No doubt this recording has been knocking about on Dime for eons, but, as is my bent, I've tinkered about with the files, editing out any gaps inbetween tracks, dropping the pitch a notch, and generally compressing the fuck out of the original WAV files into mp3s, possibly at the expense of the enjoyment of those who may have heard the original files.

Not sure if this is the complete set; the tape starts going wonky midway through How To Age and abruptly fades out during No Can Do. Can't identify track 6: is it an unreleased song or an obscure early one that I've forgotten about? Nice to hear a version of Of Course You Can't, a song that would eventually appear on Lloyd's solo album in 1990.

1. Square Circle  2. The Bending End  3. Let's Surf  4. At The End Of The Day  5. Part Time Moral England  6. unknown  7. Of Course You Can't  8. How To Age  9. No Can Do

And if that wasn't enough, Mr. W. has also kindly sent me the complete second Peel session from 1981 with the correct version of Inside Out (turns out the one I had was the b side to Use Your Loaf). I've added these tracks to the relevant folder, but to save you scrolling down to the original post you can find them 'ere.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Nightingales - BBC Sessions Galore 1980-2012

A couple of sessions I obtained from Cliff Richards Neck. I've replaced some of the audio files with better quality versions. Several session tracks were commercially available on long out of print eps or tucked away on b sides. A handful of tracks may appear on current cd reissues. Any copyright jobsworths out there please contact me and I shall remove the offending files.


Start From Scratch, Butter Bricks, 12 Years, Torn

Return Journey, Inside Out, One Mistake, Bush Beat

Which Hi-Fi?, Give Em Time, My Brilliant Career, The Son Of Gods Mate

It Lives Again, Joking Apart, OK Chorale/The Crunch, Blood For Dirt

The Whys Of Acknowledgement, Yeah It's OK, The Bending End, Only My Opnion, Urban Ospreys

Look Satisfied, All Talk, Not Man Enough, This

Which Hi-Fi?, Not Man Enough, Surplus And Scarcity, Crafty Fag

How To Age, Part Time Moral England, Heroin, First My Job

Down In The Dumps, At The End Of The Day, Coincidence, Rockin' With Rita

The Best Of British Luck, Don't Harsh My Buzz, True Greatness*
*lead vocals (in German) by Ted Chippington.

We Turn Up, Born Yesterday, Real Gone Daddy, Grown So Ugly

Thursday, 25 October 2012


It is often said that when news broke of the assassination of JFK people remembered exactly where they were and what they were doing at the time. I suspect a fair few fans of JRPR could say the same.

At the turn of the century my thirty-something self was gravitating towards the revamped Radio 2, and with Andy Kershaw sidelined to Radio 3, Peel's was the only show I listened to on Radio 1. Today I would struggle to name a presenter/dj on that station.

I had been a "regular listener" since discovering the show as a pre-teen in the late seventies; but to my eternal shame I'd lapsed during Peel's final year of broadcasting. Having treated myself to my first DAB the previous christmas, I became hooked on the wide range of new digital stations on offer, 6 Music especially.

Steeped in Peel's pioneering ethos, 6 mUSIC continuES where he left off when he left us, both in the music he once championed and in the championing of new music. Archive sessions are broadcast daily on many of the station's programmes; several current presenters were once in bands themselves who Peel first gave national exposure to.

So here's my little contribution to commemorate the eighth anniversary of the passing of this great man. The five sessions presented here - one from each decade spanning his career - are deliberately less obvious choices, perhaps in keeping with the spirit of John Peel himself, and reflect my own taste which, naturally, he helped shape.

1. Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?)  2. Nights In White Satin  3. Dawn Is A Feeling  4. What Am I Doing Here?

Until earlier this year I'd largely overlooked The Moody Blues. But one day whilst squeezing into the confined space of my local Oxfam shop, I chanced upon two original mono edition lps for £1.99 each.

Prior to my prized purchases my knowledge was limited to Nights In White Satin (mainly The Dickies version) and a clip from the BBC's archival sixties series The Rock 'n Roll Years. Among highlights including Frank Zappa's bass player singing mock doo wop in falsetto, Vivian Stanshall prancing about in a giraffe's head, Moodys singer Ray Thomas undertakes a cumbersome choreograph during the guitar break of Ride My See-Saw akin to a partially beheaded chicken

Perhaps naming your band after an Elvis album and looking like a bunch of otherwise unemployable chaffeurs for an unctuous entrepreneur who spend all their spare time (and wages) in a backstreet bookies isn't a strong selling point; being lumbered with the symphonic rock tag suggests (to me at least) menacingly-sideburned metalheads getting heavy with philharmonic orchestras in a bloated bout of prog pomp.

If you're coming from a similiar perspective, hopefully these recordings will convince you otherwise.

1. Singer Man  2. 54 46  3. Black and White  4. Moon Walk

Peel, of course, was the first radio presenter to give national exposure to the reggae artists, initially incurring the wrath of his rock-orientated listenership.

Greyhound are best known on these shores for their 1971 UK top ten hit Black and White (a version of which is included here). They had two more follow up minor hits before seemingly fading into obscurity.

This was their second session for Peel, having recorded their debut a year earlier in their original incarnation The Rudies. Sadly, a tape of this session has yet to surface,

All debt and gratitude go to Mr. Obscure who first uploaded the session for the world to savour, and from whom I unashamedly purloined.

1. Loss  2. Walk Away  3. Eat Me To The Core  4. She Comes Tomorrow

Named after a Fire Engines b side, Meat Whiplash emerged from the same stomping ground (musically and geographically) as The Jesus and Mary Chain, delivering what the Mary Chain promised pre-southernisation.

After releasing a now highly collectable single, Don't Slip Up, on Creation in September 1985, the group caught the attention of Peel, and were duly summoned to Maida Vale for this their only session.

They were the opening act for JAMC's infamous riot gig at North London Polytechnic in March 1985 and were beaten up on stage by members of the audience after a wine bottle was thrown in to the crowd.

The group recorded a follow up single, but unhappy with the results chose not to release it. By summer C86 they had called it a day, but returned briefly in 1987 for a second stab at stardom as The Motorcycle Boy with Alex from the Shop Assistants on vocal duties.

1. Traffic Jam  2. Language Of Violence  3. Positive  4. Exercise Your Right

I was never a fan of hip hop/electro/whatever it was called that week, but with Television The Drug Of The Nation domineering the analogue airwaves in the first quarter of 1992 amid all the doom-laden, parent-hatin', straight world beratin' smack-spiked scuzz of the lumbershirted longhairs, Michael Franti and Rono Tse seemed like the real deal (Dickinson-free) with something of substance to say.

Unlike others of their ilk, Franti's intelligent and narrative lyrics were delivered in an authorative rather than an aggressive manner, with Tse providing original and imaginative samples, and blending industrial soundscapes with precision funky rhythms. Not only did they use REAL drummers and bass players, they even had songs with actual - gasp! - melodies.

A total of eight songs were recorded at the session, four of which were broadcast on Andy Kershaw's show (which I don't have). Three of the songs were exclusive to this session (although a version of Exercise Your Right was included as a bonus 12" with the limited vinyl edition of Hipocrisy Is The Greatest Luxury). Language Of Violence is a radical rearrangement to it's album counterpart.

Franti would go on to form the soul-funk infused Spearhead; Tse released another album under the Hiphoprisy banner in 1993, this time collaborating with one William S. Burroughs.

1. Monster Melody

We started this mammoth-ish post with a Brum-based band and end it with another second city citizen.
If you're unfamiliar with Misty's Big Adventure then a) shame on you and b) chances are you won't know their quakery frontman or this sixteen minute quirky opus.

One wonders if Misty's had caught Peel's attention as they were active when this session was recorded. It would be nice to think if he'd stuck around for his 70th birthday they'd have been invited to play in the back garden of Peel Acres.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Robert Lloyd & The New Four Seasons - Peel Sessions 1987-1990

Along with Ivor Cutler, The Fall and Half Man Half Biscuit, Robert Lloyd is one of the most recorded artists by the BBC. Criminally, he remains the least known and popular (in commercial terms) than the aforementioned three.

He clocked in 15 sessions in as many years for John Peel: two with The Prefects, eight with The Nightingales (who continue to feature as Marc Riley's session guests on average once a year), and five for arguably his least acclaimed period as frontman of The New Four Seasons.

After the dissolution of the 'Gales as Lloyd attended affairs of the Fuzzbox kind, he formed the Seasons with Peter Byrchmore in tow. Peel was quick to champion them, offering two sessions in 1987 alone, and before they'd even released a single.

Potentially at his most commercial, the aural trademarks of Beefheartian guitar weaving weened on anti-blues punk energy intertwined with a Black Country take on country and lyrically framed by a narrative poet with a journalistic pespective were still evident, but now with a more melodic vocal structure and driven by a steadier, more conventional beat.

Relinquishing his market trader in a sharp suit entrepreneurial skills the band signed to In Tape, releasing two singles in 1988 before later signing to Virgin. Two singles and three more Peel sessions would ensue before an album, Me And My Mouth (minus the band monicker), eventually surfaced in 1990. Sadly, the album didn't live up to the promise delivered on the BBC recordings: while the quality of the songwriting is unreservedly top notch, the album is perhaps marred by an unimpressive production, with some dated baggy-esque keyboard sounds, and an array of guest musicians for different songs giving the album a lack of coherence that a more stable band set up would have brought.

Apart from What A Scream, a cd compilation of Nightingales odds 'n sods released by Demon in 1991, this would be Lloyd's final mouthing off for the 20th century until reactivating The Nightingales in 2004.

There's more than enough goodies here to sate the ardent and new fan alike: obscure classics like Of Course You Can't and The Part Of The Anchor (still sometimes featured in The Nightingales live set); curios like Tocatta and Fatigue, a short instrumental that wouldn't sound out of place as the intro music to a Black Sabbath concert; and lost gems like Here Comes Mimi (truly an A side that never was), plseveral other exclusive tracks that never made it on to wax. The fouth sesh is made up entirely of covers of songs by George Jones, John Cale, Kevin Coyne and Captain Befheart. Interestingly, Good Boy would be re-recorded for the comeback album Out Of True.

1. Something Nice/Tocatta and Fatigue  2. Of Course You Can't  3. The Part Of The Anchor

1. Top Floor To Let  2. Sweet Georgia Black  3. Half A Heart

1. Funeral Stomp  2. Mama Nature's Skin  3. Ta Love  4. Nothing Matters
4th Peel Session 4/3/1990
1. The Race Is On  2. The Man Who Couldn't Afford To Orgy 3. Good Boy  4. Grown So Ugly
1. Here Comes Mimi  2. Go Forth and Multiply  3. Kiss Me Stupid  4. Slags and Angels

The Nightingales appear in session once more on Marc Riley's 6 Music show tomorrow night @ 7pm.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Big Flame - Peel Sessions 1984-86

Blimey, it's a Big Flame bonanza!

1st Peel Session 16/07/1984
1. Breath Of A Nation  2. Debra  3. Man Of Few Syllables  4. Sargasso

2nd Peel Session 17/02/1985
1. All The Irish Must Go To Heaven 2. New Way  3. Chanel Samba 4. These Boots Are Made For Working

  3rd Peel Session 17/11/1985
1. Earsore  2. Let's Rewrite The American Constitution  3. Cat With Cholic  4. Every Conversation

4th Peel Session 04/05/1986
1. Sink (Get Out Of The Ghetto Blues Part 1)  2. Xpqwrtz  3. Three On Baffled Island  4. Testament To The Slow Death Of Youth Culture
1. Debra  2. The Illness  3. Chanel Samba  4. Breath Of A Nation  5. Sink  6. Sargasso  7. All The Irish Must Go To Heaven  8. Where's Our Carol?  9. Man Of Few Syllables.

Solo acoustic set by one time Big Flame frontman, performed in the courtyard of the Wagon & Horses pub in Birmingham, as support to Yeah Yeah Noh. Having popped to the bar and then nipped out for a crafty fag, I re-emerged into proceedings amidst the dying la la la's of Sink, so not sure how incomplete this set is.

Admittedly, most of the songs were unfamiliar to me - I think most are from the new Great Leap Forward (yes, they're back too) long player - but check out the great version of Debra at 12:51.

Photo purloined from the Facebook page of Mr. D. Carthy of Prestonshire.

The Great Leap Forward's debut Peel session is available to download @ Cliff Richard's Neck.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Factory Star - Marc Riley Session 15/07/2009

Early outing for Martin Bramah's current project Factory Star. The Hanley brothers were in the band at this point - at their own suggestion it now seems. Both would resign the following year - presumably to concentrate on day jobs and commitments to Tom Hingley - before recording Enter Castle Perilous commenced.

I much prefer this version of Stone Tumbling Stream  - Hop Man Jnr's entrancing keyboard run was mystifyingly absent on the album version. There's also some entertaining banter concerning (unsurprisingly) The Fall's formation and a long lost Buzzcocks bootleg.

More info @ the bands label Occultation.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Passmore Sisters - Peel Session 28/07/1985

The name may suggest a 1950s proto Lady Power groupette, some members of which would later marry famous football players from the Black Country, but they were in fact four males from Bradford. Formed in 1983 and active in the indie world at large between 1985-87, they recorded three sessions for the BBC (including one for Janice Long) and released four singles on a small label Sharp, run by a guy from Peterborough in his spare time when he wasn't working as a manager for a local supermarket.

Their sole album, First Love, Last Rites, collected highlights from the singles and radio sessions and appeared posthumously in 1988, the band citing reasons for their split in a blunt press statement: 'We listened to ourselves and decided we were crap'.

This was their first session for John which I recorded on the first night of broadcast on to a long lost cheapo tape from Boots and had not heard in over twenty years. Thankfully, Gideon Coe broadcast three songs from the session on his 6 Music show just last Tuesday.

1. Red  2. Story Of A Working Man  3. Shatter

Complete session (with Goodbye To The Girl) now available @ Fruitier Than Thou.

1. Dance This House Down  2. Goodbye To The Girl  3. Shatter

Monday, 24 September 2012

MORPHINE - Riviera Theatre, Chicago 11/04/1997

Today would have been Mark Sandman's 60th birthday, so I thought I'd post this concert that I found on the Symphony Of Ghosts blog a couple of years back. As the file has since been deleted by (presumably) the blogger, I felt now was a good opportunity to share it with you.

Thanks to the original uploader and thanks also to Mr. Sandman for the great music he left for us.

Set list
1. intro  2. Potion  3. I'm Free Now  4. Do Not Go Quietly Unto Your Grave  5. Mona's Sister  6. Sharks  7. Empty Box  8. Wishing Well  9. Eleven O'Clock  10. Lilah  11. Candy  12. Sheila  13. Honey White  14. Mary Won't You Call My Name  15. Cure For Pain  16. Infomercial  17. French Fries w/Pepper  18. Early To Bed  19. Whisper  20. Swing It Low  21. Murder For The Money  22. Buena  23. In Spite Of Me.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

YEAH YEAH NOH - Marc Riley Session 10/09/2012

I could write slobbering, sycophantic superlatives about Yeah Yeah Noh until I became blue in the balls, and may even still do so as this post progresses.....

Anyway, as the 6 Music listen again feature is due to expire, here be 21st Century YYN performing in front of their former label boss and a larger than life-sized portrait of Stuart Maconie.

The beatier than ever combo performed invigorative new arrangements of two old songs - Prick Up Your Ears and Another Side To Mrs. Quill - and fended off the onset of autumn by showcasing their summer pop chops with Up On The Downs and the sarcastic smut of Shooting From The Hip.

Bias Binding (jingle)
Prick Up Your Ears
Another Side To Mrs. Quill
Up On The Downs
Shooting From The Hip

YYN now have their own Youtube channel. Only a matter of time before they have their own tv station.

BOGSHED - The Warehouse, Leeds 14/05/1987

Last Bogshed post for a while - don't want to overindulge now, even if it is perfectly logical to overindulge in Bogshed.

Sound quality is a bit on the distorted side, but I present it here as it is the only gig of theirs I have from 1987. Apparently this was one of the last shows they performed before financial difficulties brought on by poor sales of Excellent Girl forced them to shut up shed.

Supporting That Petrol Emotion, the set list is completely different to previous posts, old(ish) songs performed regularly just a few months before were dropped in favour of showcasing tracks from the fortcoming Brutal album.

Despite the poor sound, it's still nice to hear a live airing of the single that never was, Stop Revolving, aswell as The Gourmet Is A Baby, a song they recorded for their fourth Peel session (around this time) that never made it onto vinyl.

Much thanks to Mr. Wazzer for kindly supplying this and the other sets from previous posts.

Set list:

1. Raise the Girl  2. Stop Revolving  3. Uncle Death Grip  4. I Said No To Lemon Mash  5. The Gourmet Is a Baby  6. Tried and Tested Public Speaker  7. Loaf  8. Old Dog New Dance  9. C'mon Everybody  10. I'm the Instrument  11. People Equal Greedy  12. Sing a Little Tune  13. Excellent Girl 14. Spring