Wednesday, 18 July 2012


I always have mixed emotions whenever I listen to this session. Peel was then occupying the 8-10pm slot and I was supposed to be working the late shift on the evening this was broadcast. Sadly, upon arrival at work we were informed that a colleague on the other shift had collapsed and died of a heart attack on the shop floor. Naturally, operations were suspended and all staff sent home.

I'd not heard of Aerial M until I saw them the previous January in Brighton, playing to a large, disinterested and noisy crowd impatient for the on stage arrival of headliners Stereolab. 

A month later I caught them again in the more intimate and appreciative surroundings of the Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth, supporting Mogwai, and was impressed enough to purchase the vinyl edition of their only album and the Vivea tour cd from the merchandise stall.

During what turned out to be their only UK tour, the group found time to call in at Maida Vale studios to tape what I think is their finest recorded moment(s) - a more accurate representation of their live performances that the records didn't capture.

After a couple of limited 7" singles on Domino and an album of remixes, the band quietly went their separate ways, former Slint guitarist David Pajo returning in 2000 under the guise of Papa M.  

1. Safeless   2. Vivea   3. Skrag Theme.

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