Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Here's a cd that seems to have even eluded the attentions of the online Beefheart bible that is The Radar Station.

With a plethora of dubious releases commonly found in what remains of record retailing outlets - including Son Of Dustsucker, a pointless reissue of Dustsucker of what was supposedly the Captain's own master tapes of the now (finally) officially released 1976 Bat Chain Puller sessions, but sounding more like an nth generation cassette casually copied and cast down the decades - it's nice to find something new and previously unheard amongst the exhaustively bootlegged archive.

Here we have thirteen versions of seven songs - basic tracks, alternate takes, and what sounds like rough mixes of the finished backing tracks - from Beefheart's last studio album proper. As you'll have gathered from the title, Van Vliet is nowhere to be found on here. But fans who are familiar with the Decals and Shiny Beast instrumental out-takes sets will no doubt savour Gary Lucas, Cliff Martinez, Rick Snyder and Jeff Moris Teper beavering away to attain the perfect take in accordance with Don's strict specifications.

I purchased this cd off ebay earlier this year. The disc states made in Japan with the copyright date MCMXCIV, which by my reckoning (ok, I googled it) is 1994. The cover is a facsimile of the original album sleeve. No label or catalogue number, but seems to be a professionally manufactured cd, not a cd-r.

    Track list:

1. The Host, The Ghost The Most Holy-O (2:25)
2. Ice Cream For Crow (5:35)
3. Cardboard Cutout Sundown (2:38)
4. Witch Doctor Life (2:43)
5. The Past Sure Is Tense (3:05)
6. Hey Garland, I Dig Your Tweed Coat (4:48)
7. Semi-Multicoloured Caucasian (6:02)
8. Witch Doctor Life #2 (2:38)
9. Ice Cream For Crow #2 (4:43)
10. Semi-Multicoloured Caucasioan #2 (5:08)
11. The Past Sure Is Tense #2 (3:28)
12. Hey Garland, I Dig Your Tweed Coat #2 (4:54)
13. Witch Doctor Life #3 (2:43)

Recorded at Warner Bros. Recording Studios, North Hollywood, California June-July 1982.