Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Although LP releases are sporadic to say the least, the TVPs back catalogue is, at times, a confusing array of limited edition singles on a variety of labels,  reissues of early 7"'s with different sleeves and/or b sides, songs on flexi discs given away with little known fanzines, lost tracks on long deleted tribute albums etc etc.

While the TVPs discography may contain more rarities collections than actual albums, there are many songs that have slipped the proverbial net and remain uncompiled. Here's a personal ten track  collection of stray tracks that, to my knowledge, have not been commercially available since their initial releases.

1. Geoffrey Ingram (single version)
2. Biff Bang Pow!
3. Baby's Turning Blue
4. Apples And Oranges
5. I Still Believe In Magic
6. Respectable
7. I Was A Mod Before You Was A Mod (Easy Mix)
8. She Lives For The Moment
9. None Of This Will Matter When You're Dead
10. She Always Makes A Drama Out Of Everything 


1. Three Wishes b side 1982
2. Communication Blur fanzine flexi disc 1982
3. demo 1987.  B side to A Sense Of Belonging reissue 7" on Overground,1994
4. Beyond The Wild Wood: A Tribute To Syd Barrett LP1987
5-6 Caff Corporation 7" 1989
7-9 Overground 7"/cds 1996
10 unreleased song live Cologne 1996


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