Thursday, 26 July 2012


Radio One broadcast highlights of what was presumably an uncharacteristic loud performance from Adam Green and Kimya Dawson to accommodate the big stage and large festival crowd. The duo were the opening act on the main stage on the first day of the festival and performed a 30 minute set, having been added to the bill at the request of fellow New Yorkers The Strokes.

As far as UK fans were concerned, the band seemed to appear out of nowhere upon the release of their lone lo-fi self-titled album which had the critics raving and an audience craving. Despite the success of these live appearances, this would turn out to be the band's only UK tour, the pair going their separarte ways for individual solo stardom soon after.

Songs : What Went Wrong, D2 Boyfriend, On Top, Nothing Came Out, and perhaps with chilling irony, NYC Is Like A Graveyard - barely two weeks later the MPs home town would be coming to terms with the 9/11 tragedy.

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