Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Tomorrow - Top Gear Sessions 1967-68

Time to take up the lotus position, fashion a necklace out of tulip petals, and travel with the mind to the future sounds of yesteryear.
 As is so often the case, these precious tracks were either salvaged from BBC transcription discs or mystery fans who just happened to leave the tape recorder on while experiencing beautiful colours courtesy of the cosmic sugar cube. The Beeb's then policy was to wipe existing tapes so they could be reused, thus saving the law abiding licence payer's hard earned dosh.

The recordings from the first session, plus Blow Up from the second received official release in the form of bonus tracks on a nineties cd reissue of the group's lone eponymous album. Apart from a very limited vinyl repressing a couple of years ago that replicated the album's original eleven track running order, this classic has not been commercially available since. The other three songs from the second session have never been made commercially available.
1st 21/9/1967
Real Life Permanent Dream
 Colonel Brown
Three Jolly Little Dwarfs

2nd 31/1/1968
The Blow Up
Strawberry Fields Forever
Now Your Time Has Come
The Incredible Journey Of Timothy Chase


  1. HI There! I would just like to say Thanx so much for the Tomorrow and Kaleidoscope posts.You have really made my Day (maybe year)Just great to hear more music from my all time fave UK Psychedelic Bands!Straight To Heaven In 1967!

  2. Glad you like, Mr/Ms Unknown. Thanks for the feedback :-)