Friday, 6 July 2012

Trixie's Red Motorbike - Peel Sessions 1982-83

2012 has seen several unexpected reformations of obscure, short lived indie groups from the eighties. Perhaps most surprisingly, this brother and sister duo from the Isle Of Wight, who only ever emreged from the family home to record two Peel sessions, are gearing up for a world tour, including dates in the USA, Japan, Germany and Scotland.

There's a new compilation, 'All Day Long In Bliss', being released, containing one or two songs not on the 1995 Accident compilation.

Hopefully one day the Peel sessions will finally get an official release. Their second - and arguably their finest recorded work - crops up on the net quite a lot. Other than Pledge, I've never seen the first session posted anywhere. Unfortunately, my version is missing 'Treetops'.

 A Splash Of Red   
You Took Him Away From Me 
  Invisible Boyfriend
That's The End Of That
One Nation Under A Brolly
Norman And Narcissus
White Horses

You can keep abreast of all the latest adventures in Trixieland by visiting their page on Facebook.

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  1. We are a father and daughter duo now!

    Direct from Trixieland