Wednesday, 29 August 2012

BOB & VI - Keep Lying, I Love It (Vindaloo 7" 1986)

Here's a lost eighties classic if ever there was one.

Bob (Robert LLoyd/The Nightingales) and Vi (Subversa/Poison Girls) entered Zella Studios in Birmingham sometime in September 1985, and along with assorted members/associates of their respective bands, cut this one-off curio unleashed to the world at large the following year. Curious in the sense that musically it was almost a normal pop song by both bands standards, albeit one that had apparent nods to the 1950s, and (with hindsight at least) seems like a precursor to the material Lloyd would later produce with the New Four Seasons.

The song was played frequently on Rock 'n Pop, an hour long show on BBC Radio WM dedicated to the regional music scene that went out on Sunday afternoons presented by Mark Davy (affectionally known by the musicians he championed  as Dark Gravy). Initially, I assumed the song was a cover of some obscure doo-wop type ditty, until the day I bought the single and discovered it was self-penned by Lloyd with lyrics co-written with Subversa. The b side, O Boy, while appearing to betray a Buddy Holly influence, is also an original, this time written by Poison Girls guitarist Richard Famous.

Suffice to say, the record didn't propel either into the limelight and any notions of producing a double concept album about illicit and doomed affairs with unorthodox age gaps had to be curtailed. Keep Lying later appeared on A Bakers Dozen - a Vindaloo compilation comprising (unsurprisingly) thirteen tracks by (also unsurprisingly) Vindaloo artistes. Other than that, to my knowledge, neither of the tracks have been commercially available in any form on any format since.

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  1. Two of the most original artists/vocalists of 80's. Undoubtedly an eighties classic.

    Vi Subversa couldn't put a foot wrong for me - what a voice, what a REAL woman!