Sunday, 26 August 2012

JASMINE MINKS - Peel Session 17/2/1986

We started this Sunday in a mellow mood, so let us end it that way.

This was the Minks only session for Peel, who seemed to get into them a bit late, the band by this time already veterans of the fledgling Creation roster.

All the songs on this session would appear on their eponymous full length album proper a few weeks later, albeit (to my ears) in inferior form. Much as I love the album, there does seem a lack of depth in the production and warmth in the semi-acoustic guitars. But Jim Shepherd and Adam Sanderson wrote fantastic songs and the strength of the tunes overrides any studio shortcomings.

Sanderson would quit the group in the summer, but the band continued with a new line up and released two more albums on Creation before the end of the decade.

The original line up continues on an off/on basis to this day, having played shows in London and the Indietracks festival in 2012.

1. Ballad Of Johnny Eye 
2. Cry For A Man  
3. You Take My Freedom  
 4. I Don't Know.

As a wee extra, one of my favourite Minks songs by the original line up with Adam Sanderson. Tucked away as a bonus track on the Cold Heart 12" (Creation 1986), I don't think this track has ever been reissued on cd (or SF's as we are prone to referring to them here in the House of Cale - Satan's Frisbees). Apparently, Alan McGee initially had reservations about releasing Cold Heart as a single, then went on to produce the label's then most expensive sleeve art for it.

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