Saturday, 1 September 2012

BOGSHED - Stow Hill Labour Club, Newport 23/12/1985

While we're on a Bogshed kick, here's some nice Sunday morning music for you, despite the fact that it displays Saturday at the top of the post.

Precious live recording of the Bogsters - no doubt reveling (even if the audience weren't) in their new found fame following the release of their debut ep, Let Them Eat Bogshed, and recording their first session for Peel a few weeks earlier - bringing some of their inimitable festive cheer on a cold winters eve to the good (and not so good) townsfolk of Newport.

Features three rare and unreleased tracks - including the infamous Amazing Roy North Penis Band -plus broken bass strings aswell as a member of the audience persitantly letting his feelings be known towards our heroes.

Set list:
1. Slave Girls  2. Panties Please 3. Hell Bent On Death  4. Hardly Manky  5. Thunderballs  6. Packed Lunch To School  7. Wally Walla  8. Hand Me Down Father  9. Can't Be Beat  10. The Amazing Roy North Penis Band.


  1. Great post! There's nowhere near enough live Bogshed on t'net...

  2. p.s. I've just realised that I was actually at this show - fading memory, babe... (!)

  3. Sadly, I never got to see them live.

  4. I saw them a few times fortunately... My memory of this show is pretty shaky as Newport shows were always a spectacular piss-up - the bits I recall are (i) sharing a car journey there with Ted Chippington (we had friends in common & he was on the bill too), (ii) the gig taking place in a working mens' club on a windy hilltop in the middle of nowhere (maybe all Welsh venues are like that?), & (iii) losing my glasses & having some random guy send them on to me, c/o a Membrane! Happy days, etc...

    1. Transcript of a 1986 fanzine interview here: