Sunday, 16 September 2012

BOGSHED - The Warehouse, Leeds 14/05/1987

Last Bogshed post for a while - don't want to overindulge now, even if it is perfectly logical to overindulge in Bogshed.

Sound quality is a bit on the distorted side, but I present it here as it is the only gig of theirs I have from 1987. Apparently this was one of the last shows they performed before financial difficulties brought on by poor sales of Excellent Girl forced them to shut up shed.

Supporting That Petrol Emotion, the set list is completely different to previous posts, old(ish) songs performed regularly just a few months before were dropped in favour of showcasing tracks from the fortcoming Brutal album.

Despite the poor sound, it's still nice to hear a live airing of the single that never was, Stop Revolving, aswell as The Gourmet Is A Baby, a song they recorded for their fourth Peel session (around this time) that never made it onto vinyl.

Much thanks to Mr. Wazzer for kindly supplying this and the other sets from previous posts.

Set list:

1. Raise the Girl  2. Stop Revolving  3. Uncle Death Grip  4. I Said No To Lemon Mash  5. The Gourmet Is a Baby  6. Tried and Tested Public Speaker  7. Loaf  8. Old Dog New Dance  9. C'mon Everybody  10. I'm the Instrument  11. People Equal Greedy  12. Sing a Little Tune  13. Excellent Girl 14. Spring

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