Friday, 14 September 2012

FREIGHT TRAIN - Man's Laughter (Bam Caruso 7" 1985)

Having already written a post about a band from my place of birth, Lichfield, here's one from my current place of residence, Tamworth.

Yet another great band who may have passed the majority of you by, but one or two of you will probably be familiar with the names of some of the band members.

Fronted by Donald Ross Skinner with Barry Douce (bass), Joss Cope (keyboards) and augented by drummer Gavin Skinner, the  band received ripples of press interest following the release of their debut single on Bam Caruso - a label perhaps best known for reissuing obscure British sixties psychedelia via it's Rubbles compilation series.

Despite an apparent habit of not turning up for gigs and last minute cancellations, they did manage to embark on a nationwide tour or two and appeared in session on Richard Skinner's Saturday Live show on Radio 1 around Jan/Feb 1986, performing three numbers, including the single and a song called Hairpin Bend.

A follow up single, Hill, was recorded, but I'm not sure if it was actually released. With DRS fulfilling duties as Julian Cope's 'mainman' and the Arch Drude about to enter his most commercially successful solo period with the Saint Julian album, Freight Train became an increasingly off/on affair, inevitably leading the individulal members to go their separate ways. Gavin Skinner spent several months touring with Sonic Flower Groove-era Primal Scream, while Joss Cope formed Something Pretty Beautiful who later signed to Creation.

More info on Freight Train @ the excellent Tamworth Bands website.


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  2. Thanks for pointing out the problem. I've uploaded the file again and is now working ok :-)

  3. I was a massive fan of Copey's solo outings throughout the '80s & '90s, but I've never heard of this 45 before - how on Earth did that happen??

    Thanks for the share. :)

  4. I suspect he only people who really know a lot about the band are the band members themselves! They didn't seem particularly active, pobably due to the singer being in Copey's band. One night I went along to the Arts Centre where they were headlining and they didn't show up!

    There's a little more info here:

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    1. I've updated the link. All working good now.