Friday, 14 September 2012

KATE GOES - Happy Dancing (CD EP 2008)

In order to prove that I'm not a sad forty-something wallowing nostalgically and woefully in the forgotten music of yesteryear, here's a post to prove I'm a sad forty-something trying to get hip with the kids of the 21st century.

Formed in the Swell Maps old stomping ground (Solihull) in 2005, the quintet entertained the discerning few in the Birmingham area with their specially-themed gigs, with suitably eccentric attire to match, and usually composing a one-off theme song for the occasion.

If you don't know Kate Goes, imagine a more wayward Famous Five if they'd spent puberty raiding granny's medicine cabinet, or Rod, Jane & Freddy fronting the Sensational Alex Harvey Band on a low alcohol diet and you're halfway there.

I saw the band live half a dozen times around 2007-09. One time in July 07 the theme was Kate Goes...Up The Duff, an afternoon fundraising gig held at the Custard Factory to save the Moseley swimming baths from closure. Midway through the set Kate urgently requested a paramedic, whereupon someone from the audience took to the stage and promptly delivered a baby by the guitarist Joe.

After putting out a couple of self-financed cds (Hi, How Am I ep and the Theme Tunes compilation), this was the quintet's first single proper, released as part the PRS Foundation's unsigned award for new music, in association with FOPP. I'm sure it's entirely coincidental, but soon after this release FOPP went into administration. (As an aside, I've still never seen - let alone been inside - a FOPP shop to this day!).

Later in 2008 they signed to SL Records, the next single All We Wanna Do Is Oh b/w On Safari planned for release in February 2009. While the tracks were available to download from SL's website, I'm not sure if there was an actual physical release. Plans to record an album were shelved when drummer Bird sustained a shoulder injury.

Since then the band have played sporadic acoustic gigs as a trio, still threatening to release that elusive long player one day.

Here's hoping!

Little bonus offering:  Kate Goes....Hawaiian @ Demo 20/4/2008
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  1. Hello, any chance that you could reupload this album? Or send me a link for dropbox or some other method?

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