Thursday, 13 September 2012

THE SEEDS - Hollywood Bowl 29/4/1967

Back in the days when Myspace was a social networking facility to be reckoned with, a virtual friend from across the pond sent me a download link to this scarce set in the wake of Sky Saxon's passing.

Unlike the fraudulent Merlin's Music Box album, this is a genuine live recording, complete with real screaming female fans, made apparent - despite appearing to increase in both number and volume - by becoming progressively hoarse over the course of this short 25 minute set.

Originally a muffled 64kbps single file, I tinkered about with it on Nero 7 to create split mp3 files @ 128kbps without improving the sound that much, just a tad louder! It would be nice if a better quality version - or possibly other live shows - will feature in the forthcoming Ace/Big Beat reissue campaign.

While The Seeds back catalogue has been regularly recycled worldwide to feed the need of successive generations of music lovers, the group have largely been ill-served by these reissues - even the at-first-enticing Flower Punk box set merely rehashed the five original albums, plus the later Fallin' Off The Edge b sides comp, offering neither previously unreleased material or audio improvement.

Lapses in quality control seem to be a tradition stemming from their heyday - later albums would be padded out with out-takes from the first album (eg Out Of The Question on Future); a career-killing spoof blues album as their commercial success was in (ahem!) full bloom; and the aforementioned fake live set which contained a truncated 900 Million People Daily (All Makin' Love) - an incomprehensible editorial decision in the light of the full length (and screamless) version that eventually surfaced on the Travel With Your Mind cd - one of the few posthumous releases that dared to delve deeper into the archives - in the early nineties.

Finally, after several years of research and entangled legal wrangles, an expanded and definitive reissue series begins later this month with the eponymous debut receiving the deluxe edition treatment/suffix. Restored to its original mono mix form and bolstered by ten bonus tracks, seven of which are previously unreleased.  An unedited 14 minute Evil Hoodoo which first appeared on a 10" ep produced exclusively for Record Store Day in 2011, will also feature. Copies are available to preorder from the Ace Records website.

1. (rambling) Introduction  2. Tripmaker  3. Pushin' Too Hard  4. Mr. Farmer  5. Up In Her Room  6. Can't Seem To Make You Mine.


  1. Such a wonderful performance. I'm checking the Seeds page daily on the Ace site for pre-release dates for the Raw & Alive package. It should be a mother.

  2. I always liked the vibe of Raw 'n Alive, despite it being a fake live album. It will be interesting to see what bonus material is included on the forthcoming reissue - presumably the original tracks pre-adornments. It would be nice if there was another (genuine) concert exhumed from the archives.