Saturday, 6 October 2012

Passmore Sisters - Peel Session 28/07/1985

The name may suggest a 1950s proto Lady Power groupette, some members of which would later marry famous football players from the Black Country, but they were in fact four males from Bradford. Formed in 1983 and active in the indie world at large between 1985-87, they recorded three sessions for the BBC (including one for Janice Long) and released four singles on a small label Sharp, run by a guy from Peterborough in his spare time when he wasn't working as a manager for a local supermarket.

Their sole album, First Love, Last Rites, collected highlights from the singles and radio sessions and appeared posthumously in 1988, the band citing reasons for their split in a blunt press statement: 'We listened to ourselves and decided we were crap'.

This was their first session for John which I recorded on the first night of broadcast on to a long lost cheapo tape from Boots and had not heard in over twenty years. Thankfully, Gideon Coe broadcast three songs from the session on his 6 Music show just last Tuesday.

1. Red  2. Story Of A Working Man  3. Shatter

Complete session (with Goodbye To The Girl) now available @ Fruitier Than Thou.

1. Dance This House Down  2. Goodbye To The Girl  3. Shatter


  1. Thanks for this, my old Liverpool Poly friend and Passmore Sister died last week. RIP Pete.