Tuesday, 27 November 2012

First Church Of Napoleon Solo - Debbydid (7" 1985)

Lentil-friendly psychedelia on a giro budget. From Essex.

Quite possibly the most strange and obscure curio to emerge from mid-eighties indiedom. In terms of oddity, one to rival Oshun's "Rattle Of Life" from the sixties garage compilation Pebbles Trash Box.

Strictly limited to a few hundred copies, each with hand-painted paper sleeves, the single was only available via mail order to the lucky few who chanced upon the "zine scene", which in my case was through the reviews section in the long defunct Zig Zag magazine.

It's tempting to romanticise the people behind this artefact as bedsit mystics, who'd genetically inherited the acid casualty ethos of their hippie parents, on a mission to expand the consciousness of a culturally undernourished eighties youth disillusioned with the saccharine pap of Stock, Aitken & Waterman and the flatulent synthetics of the ZTT roster. Reality is, they were probably a bunch of skint students attempting to relieve themselves of summer holiday listlessness, and no doubt garner kudos among fellow female classmates along the way.


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