Friday, 23 November 2012

The Dragsters - Albino (7" 1986)

Incredible as it may seem, but the post I present to you today features no involvement whatsoever from past, present - and quite possibly future - members of The Nightingales.

There were several bands trading as The Dragsters in the mid-late eighties, but these particular Dragsters hailed from Greenock, Scotland. Depending on your politics (as Leonard Cohen would say) they either had the most coolest/ridiculous nom de plumes - Vince Van Yak is arguably the greatest household name we never had.

Produced by David Keegan (Shop Assistants) and released on the Union City label (Snick 1), this was the first of three singles the band recorded before obscurity beckoned. The combined running time of the three songs just about clocks in at five minutes - less time than some a sides alone.

Beneath the humourous lyrics and quick-fire melodic rush, the song structures (most notably on the b sides) suggest these C86sters were no late jumpers to the Creation copyist wagon, and possibly liked their lemonade laced with bourbon shots and wore anoraks made from rattlesnake hyde.

Side 1: Albino

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