Thursday, 29 November 2012

The McTells - Flexi Disc Ep 1986

If the DIY dream ended when Creation ceased releasing records in wraparound sleeves of the tinted zerox kind, and the bat wing sweater-attired Byrdsian chancers of the Sarah stable, whose psycholological stability largely depended on the state of the weather, made you happy to get scared, then Bi-Joopiter was the label of choice for you.

Initially operating as a cassette only label from their Hertford hideout, this was the first tentative foray into the vinyl medium, housed in packaging supplied by their local greengrocers, and including no less than four inserts.

Please have your original ten pence pieces at the ready for a bumpy ride across bygone microgrooves bursting with scratchy-stringed, nasally-blocked pop!

Track list:
1. Sometimes - The McTells
2. Virginia MC - The McTells
3. Creep - Rig Veda & The Twins

Detailed Bi-Joopiter discography here.

The McTells live summer 2012 on youtube!

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