Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Nightingales - BBC Sessions Galore 1980-2012

A couple of sessions I obtained from Cliff Richards Neck. I've replaced some of the audio files with better quality versions. Several session tracks were commercially available on long out of print eps or tucked away on b sides. A handful of tracks may appear on current cd reissues. Any copyright jobsworths out there please contact me and I shall remove the offending files.


Start From Scratch, Butter Bricks, 12 Years, Torn

Return Journey, Inside Out, One Mistake, Bush Beat

Which Hi-Fi?, Give Em Time, My Brilliant Career, The Son Of Gods Mate

It Lives Again, Joking Apart, OK Chorale/The Crunch, Blood For Dirt

The Whys Of Acknowledgement, Yeah It's OK, The Bending End, Only My Opnion, Urban Ospreys

Look Satisfied, All Talk, Not Man Enough, This

Which Hi-Fi?, Not Man Enough, Surplus And Scarcity, Crafty Fag

How To Age, Part Time Moral England, Heroin, First My Job

Down In The Dumps, At The End Of The Day, Coincidence, Rockin' With Rita

The Best Of British Luck, Don't Harsh My Buzz, True Greatness*
*lead vocals (in German) by Ted Chippington.

We Turn Up, Born Yesterday, Real Gone Daddy, Grown So Ugly


  1. Superb post - thank you! Session 5 and 6 are the same tracks in Box!

    1. Nice one! Thanks again - been after some of these for a while! Hope you can track down the rest of session 2 - always wondered what Bushbeat sounded like.

    2. I did find a complete show with all 4 sesh tracks on the Peel Wiki. Alas the file was no longer available to download.

  2. That 1st session is marvellous - an all-time fave for me.

  3. Okay... just been trawling through my old cassettes for the past 90 minutes... the last pile I looked over (of course!) has the last Nightingales Peel Session on it (with Coincidence and Rockin' With Rita). Will try to convert and upload asap. Also found The Capitols Peel Session (featuring Tank) - looking forward to hearing that again myself!

    1. Superb! I'm positively salivating at the prospect. Expect more flood warnings on the news tonight!

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  5. Fantastic stuff with these 'gales sessions - thanks alot for posting. I notice that you don't have the 6Music session of 26/10/11 posted (Dishwater Kid / Sentimental Dunce / Say it With Flowers / Real Gone Daddy) - did you miss this one ? If so, happy to provide a copy (also the one before if you need a sound quality upgrade). Email me at world_uk_mike at

  6. Great stuff, thanks for posting these, filled in quite a few gaps in my collection. There was talk of an official CD release of all the Nightingales Peel sessions on the Big Print website a few years ago, but no mention of it since, so I guess it's not happening.