Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Nightingales - Glastonbury 1986

Sounds indeed!

This morning I received a nice bumper package of assorted sonic goodness (including no less than TEN Nightingales live sets) courtesy of Salop's geatest living man, Mr. Wazzer.

Here we find Rob Lloyd and band getting deep down dirty in the heart of the good old country way and shaking, rattling and rolling the chakras of many a longhair present in the process.

Critics and pundits may lay claim that the untelevised Pilton festival of the eighties was largely the domain of has been rockers and ageing folkie troubadours with restricted mobility wheeled out annually to top up their pensions in lieu of diminishing royalty cheques (bit like today then), but someone in the Family Eavis were down with the kids in the so-called indie summer of love.

Before Glastonbury became a civilised weekend break "worthy" (see what I did there) of respectable readers of The Independent, these were the days when weekend hippies would harvest the entire contents of their greenhouses to profit from the gullibility of thrill-seeking students; washing facilities had yet to be invented, and bottled water was strictly a luxury affordable only by the nouveau riche. If carrying a shovel seemed too arduous a task to tunnel under the woefully and laughably inadequate fence, a rope ladder would suffice. Not that I would know about these things: my first Glastonbury wasn't until 2000,  my last being 2002.

No doubt this recording has been knocking about on Dime for eons, but, as is my bent, I've tinkered about with the files, editing out any gaps inbetween tracks, dropping the pitch a notch, and generally compressing the fuck out of the original WAV files into mp3s, possibly at the expense of the enjoyment of those who may have heard the original files.

Not sure if this is the complete set; the tape starts going wonky midway through How To Age and abruptly fades out during No Can Do. Can't identify track 6: is it an unreleased song or an obscure early one that I've forgotten about? Nice to hear a version of Of Course You Can't, a song that would eventually appear on Lloyd's solo album in 1990.

1. Square Circle  2. The Bending End  3. Let's Surf  4. At The End Of The Day  5. Part Time Moral England  6. unknown  7. Of Course You Can't  8. How To Age  9. No Can Do

And if that wasn't enough, Mr. W. has also kindly sent me the complete second Peel session from 1981 with the correct version of Inside Out (turns out the one I had was the b side to Use Your Loaf). I've added these tracks to the relevant folder, but to save you scrolling down to the original post you can find them 'ere.


  1. Thank you Mr Wazzer! Thank you Mr Cale! Can't identify track 6 of the Glastonbury set either. Maybe a cover version of something obscure?

  2. Possibly. Although I've thought that about several Gales songs on first hearing - namely Keep Lying, Let's Surf and ATEOTD.