Monday, 3 December 2012

Bogshed - Demos & Rareties 1985-87

Of course, all Bogshed songs, whether commercially released or out-takes slowly oxidising in long forgotten vaults, are rareties, considering they've never left the grooves they were originally preserved in onto the Satan's Frisbee format.

I first posted the La La La demos back in the summer, but having decided to close my rarely used Mediafire account last month, I subsequently deleted the post. Instead, I've collected all known (to me) tracks that didn't feature on singles, albums or Peel sessions on one handy, convenient post. Yes! Maggot Caviar is fast becoming your friendly One Stop shop for all your geeky needs; while I in the process am fast taking on the girth of your local Mr. VG.

This month marks the fourth anniversary of the sad passing of Tris King, so consider this post as a small tribute to a fine, underrated musician who left us some fantastic and unique music.

1. Hold Up Your Hands, I'm Coming To The Market
2. Lodger Problem
3. Porridge In The Clothes
4. The Amazing Roy North Penis Band
5. Gathering Change
6. Too Many Personalities
7. You Are Now This
8. Packed Lunch To School
9. Fat Lad Exam Failure
10. Hand Me Down Father
11. Panties Please
12. Slave Girls
13. Spencer Travis
14. US Bands
15. Hand Me Down Father (Rouska version)
16. Runner On A Blunder
17. Stop Revolving
18. Your Science, My Sound

1-7 Burn In Hell (aborted Cherry Red comp cd)
8-14 La La La demos 1985
15 Raging Sun comp lp (Rouska 1985)
16 Imminent 4 comp lp (Food 1986)
17-18 withdrawn 7" single 1987.

Nerd note: I've omitted City Girls from the La La La demos as it's the same version as featured on their debut ep, Let Them Eat Bogshed.

And if that wasn't enough, here's another live set, this time from the Fulham Greyhound 8/2/1986.



  1. Every day is like Christmas at Maggot Caviar! Thank you!

    1. Wait until the January sales start. In fact there are people pitching tents outside my house already.

  2. My tent's the one with the 'More Live Nightingales' flag on it!

    1. Hmmm.... If the requests continue, looks like I might have to break my promise about not posting anymore Gales stuff this year.

  3. Rather marvellous this.Any song that mentions Roy North has got to be more widely heard!And you can't have too much from the Nightingales either.Your musical taste is now bordering on the TOO impeccable.Theres got to be something dodgy that you like?

  4. I must confess I'm rather partial to Never Let Her Slip Away by Andrew Gold.

  5. Gold, as we call him in our household.Frequently we sing along to this track, and another personal Gold fav, Lonely Boy.

  6. I like the budget video where the sax player performs the solo directly into Gold's right ear.

  7. Him by Rupert Holmes is another one I like. To this day infinately better than the Pina Colada Song.

  8. MASSIVE post, this one - cheers!