Friday, 14 December 2012

Terry & Gerry - Peel Sessions 1984-85

The elusive debut John Peel session, recorded 11 July 1984 and broadcast on at least two occasions during the summer of that year. Mysteriously not listed on the Keeping It Peel site, here for your aural delectation, dear reader, not only in its entirety, but in pristine-ish audio quality too!

Presumably, thanks should go to an unknown listener who may have requested the session for broadcast on 6 Music's Live Music Hour, presented by Chris Hawkins. Naturally, yours truly simply had to stay up until 4am to capture it (and still managed to get up at a reasonable hour to bring it to you all oh so swiftly!).

Five songs in eight minutes, not even Napalm Death could manage that!

1. Hello
2. Clothes Shop
3. Butters On The Bread
4. Wolfman's Request
5. Wait Until You're Older

ICA, London 5/10/1984
1. The Good, The Bad and The Usherette  2. Wolfman's Request  3. A Thousand Towns  4. Cars.  5. Hello  6. Butters On The Bread  7. TV Song  8. Dennis and Brian  9. Wait Until You're Older  10. Pizza, Pies and Junk  11. Clothes Shop.

This excellent short-lived Brum combo would go on two record two more sessions for Peelie in 1985, recorded exactly six months apart. There is scant info on t'internet on this criminally underrated group, but a brief outline of their history can be found here.
Banking On Simon
Kennedy Says
Armchair Terrorist Song
A Sea Shanty For The Gravy Boat
Fashion Rodeo
Ballad Of A Nasty Man
The Last Bullet Of The Gun



  1. Nice one! Your dedication to bagging a good quality vintage session is appreciated. Saw these many a time back in the day - always highly entertaining.

    1. Never saw them live. To be honest I viewed as an interesting curio/novelty when they were active. A few years later I began to truly appreciate them.

    2. What I'd really like to get hold is the vocal version of Oscar's Theme. It was the intro/outro music to a Central TV show called Newshound, co-presented by Bob Warman and perched atp the newsdesk, his dog (an Irish Wolfhound if I recall correctly) called...Oscar!