Friday, 21 December 2012

The Nightingales - Sheffield University 6/12/1985

Tis the season to decry bah bloody humbug. However, if I may momentarily rouse myself from my middle-aged irascibility, and offer you another groovy Gales live show, comprising a set almost exclusively of material of the then yet to be recorded In The Good Old Country Way album.

At the risk of contradicting myself and going back on my word for a second time, this will definately be the last Gales live show posting of 2012. In fact, I'll go as far to say there will be no more Nightingales posts until March 2013. At the very least. Y'hear!

1. I Spit In Your Gravy
2. Square Circle
3. How To Age
4. power failure to stage
5. band returns/explaination/tuning
6. What A Carry On
7. Comfort And Joy
8. It's A Cracker
9. Down In The Dumps
10. Part Time Moral England
11. The Headache Collector
12. short encore break
13. This


  1. Fair enough! Thanks for all the great 'Gales stuff you've posted this year.

  2. Did I say March? I've got cold turkey already.