Thursday, 27 December 2012

Yeah Yeah Noh - The Abattoir, Leicester 15/12/2012

So, christmas has been and gone once again in the blink of a turkeys eye. The leftover cheese straws (which nobody of sound mind would even contemplate eating, yet somehow an extra large packet always ends up in the house every christmas) are going soggy in the back garden for the consumption of our feathered friends, which will ultimately lead to emergency call outs to your local window cleaner before the new year kicks in.

You're sitting comfortably in your newly acquired-for-you Peacocks socks watching something you don't want to watch on television, secretly hoping an overlooked present lies waiting to be discovered amidst the befallen needles from the christmas tree. Should it fail to materialise, let this here offering be that lost present instead: Yeah Yeah Noh's homecoming show in Leicester just under a fortnight ago.

 Strange to think that last time Noh & The Gang played in the city I was still a few weeks shy of legal drinking age. I had a ticket for this show, but last minute work commitments rendered me unable to attend. Thankfully, Mr. P. Symons of the second biggest L was on hand to capture the pink and green juicy fruit-flavoured trip of the psychedelic jackanory on no less than three different state of the art secreted contraptions. Four new songs were proverbially unveiled to the beautiful and in awe flower children present, as well as cosmic regroovings of their pop hits from yesteryear.

1. Prick Up Your Ears
2. Temple Of Convenience
3. Bias Binding
4. Shooting From The Hip
5. Another Side To Mrs. Quill
6. Automatically Saturday
7. Superimposed Man
8. Starling Pillowcase
9. Let's Start A War
10. Cottage Industry
11. Up On The Downs
12. See Through Nature
13. Stealing In The Name Of The Lord
14. Blood Soup
15. encore break
16. Up On The Downs

If you haven't been following the John Peel Record Archive, not to worry - they've saved the best til last.
Introduced by Sheila Ravenscroft, a short documentary with Derek and John detailing their meteoric rise to global superstardom and practical advice on how to successfully pack a drum kit into the boot of a Ford Cortina.

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