Friday, 25 January 2013

Zimbabwe Cha Cha Cha Kings - Peel Session 24/11/1992

Here at Maggot Caviar Acres we're still lost in Jools land (a reassuringly decent edition with The Dubliners and Dexys) and partying like it's New Year Eve 2012. However, any new years resolutions about improved blog performance and ye olde radio sessions with complete track listings have already gone out the window, as this post will prove.

Two of the song titles don't correspond with what's listed on the official Keeping It Peel site. While said site is exhaustive and a useful reference tool, it is not necessarily complete or 100% accurate. It may be that two of the songs come from a different session, but most likely, as with the previous Papa Wemba post, eight songs were probably recorded in one sitting to be transmitted on the Peel and Kershaw shows respectively.

Clocking in at twice the length of yer average four song sesh, unless you've had/got a date with Central tv's weather girl Lucy Kite, this could well be the finest 28 minutes you will spend this snowy week.

1. Makandiramba
2. Naome
3. Dear Wangou
4. Jonah

And if that leaves you wanting more, their impossibly rare album, Vimbiso, can be found at a cool blog by name of  Rhythm Connection.