Thursday, 21 February 2013

Man Or Astroman? - Peel Sessions 1993-2000

For those of you suffering excruciating cold turkey in anticipation of the next Nightingales post, the bad news is I'm sticking to my guns and not posting anything by them until March. The good news is March is only a week away - this prolonged abstinence will cleanse our minds and make us all better human beings in the long run.

Some of us may be pining for spring when the first MOAM? album of new astro-galactic sonic adventures this side of the millenium, along with a third 7" single in the Analogue Series series, is scheduled to penetrate earth's orbit. To keep our feet firmly where gravity intended, but still looking up beyond the sky and dreaming of infinite worlds a universe away, here are all six sessions the cosmic combo recorded for John Peel.

The 1995 session did receive a limited commercial release in the form of a double pack 7" ep. Television Fission is missing from the 1996 session - if anyone has it, please beam a binary code to base. The final session from 2000 was recorded live on air in front a small studio audience. Around this time, live sessions were a regular feature on Peel's latter day shows. He would run a competition a few weeks prior to the session taking place; names of entrants with the correct answers were pulled out of a hat and announced on air, the lucky winners invited to attend the session.

1. XL13
2. Rovers
3. Invasion Of The Dragon Men
4. Nitrus Burnout
5. Mermaid Love

1. Sferic Waves
2. ----(Classified)
3. Inside The Head Of John Peel
4. Max Q

1. Welcome To The Wicky Wacky World Of John Peel
2. The Man From Co2
3. 9 Volt
4. Television Fission

1 The Miracle of Genuine Pyrex 
2 Lo Batt 
3 Don't Think What Jack 
4 With Automatic Shutoff
5 Jonathan Winters Frankenstein

1. Engines Of Difference
2. Theme From Eeviac
3. Oh Cha Cha Cha And Once Again Ladies & Gentlemen...
4. Krasnoyask 26 (Forward Version)
5. Many Pieces Of Large Fuzzy Mammals Staggered Together At A Rave And Shmoozing With A Brick
1. intro
2. Spectrograph Rading
3. Theme From EEVIAC
4. Song For The Two Mile Linear Particle Accelerator
5. Television Fission
6. Preparation Clont
7. Within One Universe There Are Millions
8. Engines Of Difference
9. Many Pieces Of Large Fuzzy Mammals
10. Um Espectro Sem Escala
11. Trapezoid
12. Interstellar Hard Drive
13. Curious Constructs.....
14. outro

Television Fission added 23/1/2017 to third session.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Felt - Burberries, Birmingham 19/12/1989

2012 was a profilic year, both product and publicity-wise, by the reclusive standards of Lawrence. While he made several appearances at the Lawrence of Belgravia screenings, no live shows were forthcoming to support On The Hot Dog Streets, his first album of (almost) new material in seven years.

In the nigh on quarter of a century since Felt played their last concert,  Lawrence has become an underground institution for small pockets of fans around the globe, but back in 1989 things were a little different.

Already veterans by the time the Creation/C86 scene had kicked into gear -  a scene that would be quickly trumped by the emergence of Madchester and rave as the nineties dawned - Felt were possibly seen as old skool indie destined for bargain bin obscurity. With drummer Gary Ainge making ends meet working as a toilet cleaner, Martin Duffy hob-knobbing with Primal Scream, and Creation unable to finance the release of Me And A Monkey On The Moon, Lawrence hatched a plan to move to New York and start afresh with the intent on finding a new way of songwriting in a bid to finally break into the mainstream.

Perhaps fittingly, this final Felt concert was performed on Lawrence's home turf where it had all begun in a semi-detached Water Orton bedroom a decade earlier. By no means an emotional farewell en masse in the vein of Cream at the Royal Albert Hall or The Band's Last Waltz, here they run through some choice cuts from their back catalogue, as well as some new songs from the then current album, as if it was just another day at the office. But then that was probably just another part of Lawrence's grand masterplan.

1. Declaration/Bottoming Out
2. All The People I Like Are Those That Are Dead
3. Budgie Jacket
4. New Day Dawning
5. Riding On The Equator
6. Roman Litter
7. Red Indians
8. Fortune
9. The Final Resting Of The Ark
10. Primitive Painters
11. She Lives By The Castle
12. encore break
13. Penelope Tree
14.  Ballad Of The Band 

Friday, 1 February 2013

Cowcube - Peel Sessions 2000-2002

Mystery Apple Mac cut and paste soundscaper who hailed from the Ravenscroft stomping ground of Stowmarket.

Paul Stimpson aka Cowcube first came to John Peel's attention via his youngest son Tom - both were studying at the same college.  Eschewing the obligatory breakbeats and bog standard samples of dance/techo/whatever it was called that week, Cowcube created a lo-fi rave-up from what appeared to be seventies children's television programmes, old skool Radio 2 pops albums, and old timey banjo/fiddle duels direct from the back porch of Dukes of Hazard country, with a liberal dose of wobbleboard action for good measure. It's the kind of soundtrack I imagine first generation ravers would use during a game of pass the parcel or musical chairs at the birthday parties of their offspring.

Although an instant hit with Peel's listenership, the big time didn't come beckoning. After releasing a self-financed ep and doing some remixes for Cornershop in 2003,  Stimpson seemed to vanish from the music industry without trace.

Here are both Peel sessions, as well as the specially commissioned christmas track from 2001.

1. Grooved For Extra Flava
2. Stretchy Penguin
3. Romper Stomper
4. Bacon Beats

1. George
2. Ouch!
3. Super Music Boy
4. Truffle Shuffle
5. Cowcube At Christmas (bonus track)