Friday, 1 February 2013

Cowcube - Peel Sessions 2000-2002

Mystery Apple Mac cut and paste soundscaper who hailed from the Ravenscroft stomping ground of Stowmarket.

Paul Stimpson aka Cowcube first came to John Peel's attention via his youngest son Tom - both were studying at the same college.  Eschewing the obligatory breakbeats and bog standard samples of dance/techo/whatever it was called that week, Cowcube created a lo-fi rave-up from what appeared to be seventies children's television programmes, old skool Radio 2 pops albums, and old timey banjo/fiddle duels direct from the back porch of Dukes of Hazard country, with a liberal dose of wobbleboard action for good measure. It's the kind of soundtrack I imagine first generation ravers would use during a game of pass the parcel or musical chairs at the birthday parties of their offspring.

Although an instant hit with Peel's listenership, the big time didn't come beckoning. After releasing a self-financed ep and doing some remixes for Cornershop in 2003,  Stimpson seemed to vanish from the music industry without trace.

Here are both Peel sessions, as well as the specially commissioned christmas track from 2001.

1. Grooved For Extra Flava
2. Stretchy Penguin
3. Romper Stomper
4. Bacon Beats

1. George
2. Ouch!
3. Super Music Boy
4. Truffle Shuffle
5. Cowcube At Christmas (bonus track)

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