Friday, 29 March 2013

John Chibadura & The Tembo Brothers - Peel Session 19/11/1989

I may be getting old, but let me assure you of this: the weather never used to be as bad this back in the olden days when Ian McCaskill did the weather forecasts...

Anyway, to dispell the chills of this snow-snodden spring, here's one of Zimbabwe's finest exports to emerge in the wake of the international success of the doomed Bhundu Boys. Chibadura recorded several sessions for Andy Kershaw, who, having befriended Biggie Tembo, discovered him while on holiday in Harare, but this was the only session he recorded for Peel.

Tune in, warm up, thaw out.

1. Shira
2. Diya Wangu
3. Mukadzi Wangu
4. Imai

Friday, 8 March 2013

Swell Maps - Friars, Aylesbury 10/11/1979

Swell Maps

I'm surprised the web isn't awash with Swell Maps live shows, even if they made precious few live appearances during their brief existance beyond their respective bedrooms. The only live set I have ever come across is up on youtube - the same set I'm posting here.

Although appearing to originate from the same source, unlike the youtube clip, my version is at the correct(ish) pitch - the group no longer sound like Pinky & Perky on the verge of puberty. Sound quality is a little rough, but the Maps energy and humour more than compensates.

On this particular night they were bottom of a bill that included Gang Of Four as headliners, and sandwiched inbeteen the two, none other than The Red Krayola . But judging by this performance they sure sound like they thought they were on top. And probably should have been.

1. intro
2. Let's Build A Car
 3. HS Art
4. New York
5. Read About Seymour
6. Another Song
 7. Helicopter Spies
8. Ammunition Train
9. Real Shocks
10. Secret Island/Midget Submarines
11. Full Moon In My Pocket/BLAM!!
12. Harmony In Your Bathroom
13. International Rescue

All three Peel sessions are now readily available on youtube, courtesy of Vibracobra23:




Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Sparklehorse - Black Session 25/9/2006

I'm sitting here in a hotel in Preston preening myself ready for The Magic Band's appearance at The Continental later this evening. Only seen them live once previously at The Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth back in 2005. Disappointingly, the band didn't arrive on stage until 10pm, and with the last train (at my then) home at 11pm, with Fratton station being a good 15 minutes walk from the venue, I had to leave just as John French did a mid-song switchover on the drum kit with Michael Traylor during either On Tomorrow or Trust Us.

An exciting night may lie ahead for me, but slightly tainted as today marks the third anniversary of the tragic passing of Mark Linkous. Here's a session spanning songs from all four of his albums recorded in front of a small, live audience for a French radio station based in Paris. The set was briefly circulated on an unofficially released cdr a few years ago.

R.I.P. Mark
Gold Day
Sad and Beautiful World
Apple Bed
Hammering The Cramps
It's Not So Hard
Spirit Ditch
 Weird Sisters
Ghost In The Sky
Don't Take My Sunshine Away
 Someday I Will Treat You Good
Homecoming Queen
Happy Man

Friday, 1 March 2013

The Nightingales - Psykick Dancehall, Leicester 15/11/1983

The wait is over! Cold turkey be damned!

(Yet) another set from T'Gales courtesy of Mr. Wazzer. Decent sound recording, albeit a bit vocal and drum heavy, probably recorded by Ted Chippington. Evidently he ran out of tape as the encore, Don't Blink, cuts off at 3:11.

1. Urban Ospreys
2. This
3. Hark My Love
4. How To Age
5. Insurance
6. Not Man Enough
7. The Crunch
8. The Bending End
9. Crafty Fag
10 Ponces All
11. Don't Blink