Friday, 29 March 2013

John Chibadura & The Tembo Brothers - Peel Session 19/11/1989

I may be getting old, but let me assure you of this: the weather never used to be as bad this back in the olden days when Ian McCaskill did the weather forecasts...

Anyway, to dispell the chills of this snow-snodden spring, here's one of Zimbabwe's finest exports to emerge in the wake of the international success of the doomed Bhundu Boys. Chibadura recorded several sessions for Andy Kershaw, who, having befriended Biggie Tembo, discovered him while on holiday in Harare, but this was the only session he recorded for Peel.

Tune in, warm up, thaw out.

1. Shira
2. Diya Wangu
3. Mukadzi Wangu
4. Imai

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