Friday, 1 March 2013

The Nightingales - Psykick Dancehall, Leicester 15/11/1983

The wait is over! Cold turkey be damned!

(Yet) another set from T'Gales courtesy of Mr. Wazzer. Decent sound recording, albeit a bit vocal and drum heavy, probably recorded by Ted Chippington. Evidently he ran out of tape as the encore, Don't Blink, cuts off at 3:11.

1. Urban Ospreys
2. This
3. Hark My Love
4. How To Age
5. Insurance
6. Not Man Enough
7. The Crunch
8. The Bending End
9. Crafty Fag
10 Ponces All
11. Don't Blink


  1. Where was the Psykick dancehall????

    1. It was based on Midland Street, near De Montford University. It was probably a room above a pub, as is often the case.