Saturday, 27 April 2013

BMX Bandits - Janice Long Session 23/6/1986

BMX Bandits at their campshackle best, years before they signed to Creation and took to copping Big Star riffs with songs about Kylie crush sagas.

When this session was recorded, the group were riding high in Indieville with debut single E102/Sad?, which dominated the radio waves, albeit only when Janice Long was on air. Apparently on the night this session was first broadcast, the phone lines were beseiged by eager A&R persons from major labels.

For reasons unclear the euphoria didn't become epidemic, and critics and fans were left somewhat subdued by follow up single, a slapdash rendition of What A Wonderful World. Nearly two years passed before the next single,and saprodic releases, including a live album, appeared out of the blue, until the group's resurgence in the mid-nineties.

Four of the songs from this session eventually found a commercial release on the long out of print On The Radio cd, which also gathered together several later sessions for Mark Radcliffe. Girl In The Pink T Shirt was curiously not included.

Strawberry Sundae
Groovy Good Luck Friend
The Day Before Tomorrow
Girl In The Pink T Shirt

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