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Bogshed - Daddy Warbucks, Glasgow 29/6/1986

If you've read my Sparklehorse post, you may recall I was counting down the hours in a Preston hotel, eagerly awaiting the doors to open at The Continental to witness The Magic Band perform what turned out to be an astounding two sets.

As I was in the area, the following morning I decided to take advantage of a 55 minute train journey to make a long overdue pilgrimage to Hebden Bridge - home to flood-fearing folk, latterly establishing itself as the UK's lesbian capital, but in another lifetime of eons past, better known as the town that birthed Bogshed.

As you can see, I've even included a few snaps of my day (well, a couple of hours or so) there. And to think when I started this blog I fancied myself as a marginally more personable Hunter S. Thompson, who consumed nothing more nefarious than real ale, but intent on bringing dangerous and cutting edge sounds from the past back to life in the bland age of 21st century pop culture. Now it's become an anorak journal in homage to Jack Hargreave's About Britain. And even he was health-fearless enough to smoke a pipe everywhere he went.

It's been a while since we had a Bogshed live set here; once again all debts and gratitude go to Mr. Wazzer. As with the other Bogshed live sets, I think this has been made available only for the bit torrent-savvy.The original wav files that were sent to me were at a ruefully high pitch. Naturally, I exercised my pseudo-engineering skills and ajusted them individually to a correct-ish speed as befits my ears - and, hopefully, yours too.

The city of the venue was incorrectly listed as Edinburgh. After much extensive research (i.e. some chance googling)  the venue - also known as the Splash One club, where many a C86ster like Primal Scream and The Pastels cut their milk teeth - was in fact situated in Glasgow.

The year of the recording was given as 1985. However, the inclusion of Champion Love Shoes and Tried And Tested Public Speaker - songs that wouldn't be recorded until their third John Peel session in summer 1986, and released post-debut album - plus the absence of early unreleased songs like Wally Walla and The Amazing Roy North Penis Band which were still in the band's reportoire up until the end of that year, 1985 seemed unlikely. Without using stumbleupon, I stumbled upon a site that not only confirmed my suspicions that it was indeed 1986 that the gig took place, but also The Three Johns were the headlining act on the night.

Summer In My Lunchtime
Slave Girls
Oily Stack
Morning Sir
Adventure Of Dog
Champion Love Shoes
Fat Lad Exam Failure
Tried And Tested Public Speaker
Packed Lunch To School
Jobless Youngsters
Mechanical  Nun
Wild Thing
Hand Me Down Father/Sally

Note: I forgot to convert the files to mp3 and hadn't realised my mistake until after I'd uploaded them to Box. So it's plain old wma files - not that there's any really difference between the two there?

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