Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Clean - Live Dead Clean (EP 1986)

When I'm innocently going about my daily business in town or in the supermarket, I'm often accosted by characters belligerently wanting to know why I've yet to post anything by The Clean on my blog. Hopefully, this post should appease you all.

Recorded at three different venues across 1981-82, this 12" ep appeared posthumously in 1986. With The Chills beginning to receive wider acclaim in the western world, it would seem interested was being generated in Flying Nun bands past and present. The Clean were seen as the forefathers of whatever the NZ scene was being pigeonholed as, so it seemed appropriate for a reappraisal via this collection of previously unreleased songs.

In 1988 the three members by chance found themselves in London with their current individual projects and decided to play an impromptu gig at the Fulham Greyhound. Selections from this performance were released on the In-A-Live ep later that year, inspiring the trio into an off/on reformation that continues to this day. The group finally released their debut album in 1990.

Only two tracks from this ep would later resurface on Merge Records 2cd album Anthology. The other songs remain languishing on the original release, copies of which will set you back £40-60.

Two Fat Sisters
At The Bottom
Happy Birthday John
Attack Of The Teddy Bears
Filling A Hole

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