Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Felt - Complete BBC Sessions 1984-86

Well, so much for taking a breather from blogging!

I was rummaging through the 6 Music schedule online t'other day when I espied a Felt session that was to be broadcast on the Live Music Hour between 3 and 4am on June 24th. Although the listing didn't specify which particular session, the splinters in the eyes from the matchsticks that snapped under the weight of heavy eyelids proved to be worthwhile, as the featured session was none other than the group's very first for Janice Long from September 1984. I'd previously - and somewhat hastily with the benefit of hindsight -posted two songs from this session only last month after they were broadcast on Gideon Coe's show (the post has since been deleted), not expecting the complete session to be appearing on the airwaves quite so soon.

The songs were segued together so smoothly, I chose not to split the songs into individual tracks, so have simply left it as one single file.

By coincicence, over the weekend while I was attending the Scared To Get Happy happening in London, a friend thrust a pile of audio dvds into my hand. Among the multitude of Peel-related guff was a marginally superior quality recording of the Andy Kershaw session from 1986, although it seems to stem from the same source - All The People I Like...still abruptly fades out around the 3'10 mark.

And for completists sake, I've included the second JL sesh that I purloined from Fruitier Than Thou. Caspian Sea had approximately ten seconds missing from the intro, so I've tacked this on from a woefully inferior recording I had, with not necessarily professional results!

That should keep you amused for a while, dear reader.

Update 16/12/2014 - New, upgraded, pristine-ish files for '86 JL session culled from a recent Gideon Coe airing now available to download from link below.

Dismantled King Is Off The Throne
Roman Litter
Vasco Da Gama
Crystal Ball

The Day The Rain Came Down
Caspian Sea
I Didn't Mean To Hurt You
Ballad Of The Band

When The Dawn Starts Creeping In
Rain Of Crystal Spires
All The People I Like Are Those That Are Dead
Sapphire Mansions


  1. "Sterling" work, sir! Several Felt folk of my acquaintance are going to flip when they see this. :)

    1. The trcks would make a great album. The songs on the first session are, in my humble opinio, superior recordings to those on The Strange Idols Pattern.

  2. A few people I know think that too. Strange Idols... is probably my favourite Felt album though, so I'm (slightly) less inclined to agree! These BBC versions do have a certain flattering "brightness" that the official ones lack though...

    Apparently there might be another earlier Janice Long session out there somewhere - March 1983 allegedly?

    1. Quite plausible - they'd been around a few years by the time of the 84 session.

      I doubt whether this mysterious session is for Janice Long though - David Jenson was hosting the show up to as late as summer 84. Even though Peel didn't show much interest in them, there must have been someone at the Beeb before JL arrived who liked them.

  3. This is an epic posting. Just ticked these off. List completed. Thank you thank you thank you. Beautiful and very cool.