Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Monkey Steals The Drum - Peel Sessions 1999-2000

Short-lived combo from Ormskirk who hung around the turn of the century long enough to record two sessions and release two singles.

After sending in a demo cd at the tail end of the century, Peel chose to broadcast Injured Birds, an instant indie classic if ever there was one, as well as being an instant fave with Peelie himself, and one that promised greater things. Peel hastily arranged studio time at Maida Vale and the first session was in the bag before the century was out.

Fans may have anticipated Injured Birds as being the debut single (it was aired regularly by Peel), but My Chinese Burns was chosen instead, backed by two songs, Forvincent and Disco Kill, released mid-2000 on both 7" and cd fprmats by Action Records.

Injured Birds - the same demo version Peel first broadcast in late '99 - eventually saw the light of day in January 2001, released on cd only by the Shifty Disco label and limited to 1000 copies. The same month, the group's website announced that an album would be "coming soon", but it never materialised. The group continued to make sporadic live appearances as late as 2003, but there were no further record releases or radio sessions.

Tragically, singer/guitarist Christian Ashcroft committed suicide in 2006.

My Chinese Burns
St. Germain
Disco Kill

Mars Moss
That's A Cool Picture
Four By Zero
Person Of The Year

Injured Birds


  1. Glad you like. It's a shame they never realised their potential - could have made a great lp.

    1. Indeed, although it almost feels like you could piece one together from what they did record :)

    2. I found a higher quality version of Session 2 here, btw: