Monday, 3 June 2013

Primal Scream - Janice Long Session 7/7/1986

Carefree summer fun continues, not only weather-wise here in the British Isles, but also in the virtual exotic, tropical paradise that is Maggot Caviar. Erm, yes...

Of the three sessions Jim Beattie-era Primal Scream recorded for the BBC, the Janice Long recordings are probably their most realised studio efforts of the time. Beattie's melodic magician's hat guitar lines have a vibrant, warmer texture than the tinny jangle of before, possibly enhanced by the medium wave reception on the night.

The radically different arrangements to Silent Spring and Imperial are more satifying to my ears than their laboured Sonic Flower Groove incarnations that emerged a year later. Velocity Girl is a faster, tougher take than the Crystal Crescent  b-side, with the addition of a second verse, but, despite a brave attempt, could never top the original. Fever Claw had been a regular in their live set since 1985 but the song never made it onto vinyl.

So cast your minds nostalgically back to a time when the drugs were no stronger than a morning dose of Haliborange, and the anorak-attired had yet to have their innocent bemuffed ears assaulted by the MC5 and the cod-cock rock copyism that ensued.

Velocity Girl
Fever Claw
Silent Spring

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