Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Datblygu - Complete Peel Sessions 1987-93

Datblygu have a new compilation hot off the pressing plants dispatch wagon entitled 1982-84 The Early Tapes/Y Tapiau Cynnar. For the uninitiated, and quite possibly for diehard fans too, this may prove too strenous on the old eardrums. But maybe that was always the point of Datblygu.

Anyway, if you are of a nervous disposition, then why not break yourself in gently with the five sessions Mr.Edwards and cohorts recorded at the Maida Vale studios in almost as many years. These tracks received a limited cd release a few years ago, and while it's not my policy (such as there is one) to post recordings that are currently/recently commercially available, I feel a Peel-related/inspired blog without the presence of Datblygu is unthinkable!

Bagiau Garth
Cerddoriaeth Dent

Fanzine Ynfytyn
Cristion Yn Y Kibbutz
Glwad Ar Fy Ngefn
Dros E Pasg Eto

Pop Peth
Slebog Bywedeg
Nid Chiwigi Pwdin Gwaeth
Rhag Ofn I Chi Anghofio

Hymne Europa 1992
Dim Deddf Dim Eiddo (No Statue, No Property)
Rauschgiftsuchtige (Drug Addict)
Hablador (Chatterbox)

Clwb 18-30
Wastod Absennol ( Always Wasted)
Mae Arian yn Tyfu to Mewn Coed (Money Grows Inside Trees)
Diarrhea Berfol

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  1. I'll gird my middle-aged loins & give this mammoth collection a proper listening-to at the weekend... Massive "respect" to David & Datblgyu, they were always one of the most belligerent & intelligent of the post-C86 bands, & were never reluctant to make their listeners WORK. ;)