Thursday, 25 July 2013

Diblo Dibala & Matchacha - Peel/Kershaw Session 19/7/1992

The heatwave may have subsided, but the swell summer soiree continues with a supersonic soupcon of Soukous!

One of the first, if not the first, double session whereby eight songs were recorded to be split equally accross both Peel and Kershaw shows. If memory serves correct, Kershaw was broadcasting on Sunday evenings directly followed by Peel who continued into the early hours. You can hear Peelie on the intro to the first song, presumably he'd come to Broadcasting House early to catch the whole session.

Clocking in at nearly an hour length,this is Diblo at most loose and raw. The few albums of his I heard from the 90s always sounded a bit smooth and polished for my liking. But if you don't own any of his records, this is really all you need.

Mondo Ry
Matchacha Wetu
Merci Papa
Laissez Passer
Extra Ball


  1. This site will probably be of interest to you, assuming you're not already intimately acquainted:

    1. Thanks for the link. Already with the charms of Orchestre Kiam, which I'd heartily recommend downloding, presuming you haven't already. Not sure if this is the group Victor was in before he made his fortune in the male grooming industry....(ba-dum!).