Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Nightingales - Liverpool Royal Court 11/7/1986

It's four months since the last Nightingales post and I'm amazed I haven't been overwhelmed by all night vigilists pining for more outside my front door, or inundated with letters and messages ranging from the downright fawningly grovelling to the blatantly and menacingly life-threatening. Quite frankly, I'm disheartened.

Here we find The Gales playing second fiddle to Lloyd-championed headliners We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It, then rapidly rising darlings of not only the fledgling indie scene but no doubt hair salons accross the Brum surburbs and manufacturers of less conventional hair care products too. Ted Chippington was also on the bill, unsurprisingly, because as the genuinely cool kids "appreciated", summer '86 was officially the Vindaloo Summer Special of Love. 

The latest live recording of 20th century Gales I have, and quite possibly one of the last shows they performed before Lloyd concentrated on Fuzzbox duties. Audio quality isn't great, sounding as though the tapist unknown was hiding in the toilets during proceedings for fear of being ejected from the premises if caught with illicit recording equipment.

Clocking in at little over half an hour, the sets comprises almost exclusively material from In The Good Old Country Way, along with an airing of the classic single-that-never-was Of Course You Can't. On first hearing, I was surprised that Rockin' With Rita wasn't included in the set, as the single was taking hit parades worldwide by storm following their appearance on Razzmatazz. But I guess most likely all three artistes gathered together on stage for an encore/finale after Fuzzbox had completed their set.

Thanks once more go to Mr. Wazzer for supplying me the recording.

Square Circle
The Headache Collector
Let's Surf
How To Age
Part Time Moral England
Of Course You Can't
Down In The Dumps
No Can Do
Comfort And Joy


  1. Nice one! Are you going to see them at The Wagon & Horses on Friday 2nd August?

  2. Haven't got a ticket yet, but hopefully can get in on the door. Not seen them since 2009.

  3. I have a pretty good quality recording from Leeds Poly on this tour, I could send you a copy if you like. And you're right, they did all gather together after the Fuzzbox set to play Rockin' With Rita.

  4. Nice to know they all got together in the end. Why aren't more bands today doing things like that. Or maybe they are and we have to wait thirty years to find out they did.

    Would definately love to hear the Leeds Poly gig, Hirst. That would be great :-)