Monday, 8 July 2013

Yeah Yeah Noh - 229, London 22/6/2013

Today is John Grayland's birthday, so it seems appropriate to post this the most recent YYN live extravanga from the Scared To Get Happy launch - this despite the fact that lead guitar duties were handled on the evening by Ian from the Peoples Republic Of Mercia. In an audacious flouting of rock 'n roll convention, the likes of which had not been seen since Half Man Half Biscuit turned down an appearance on The Tube in favour of watching a cup match at Tranmere Rovers, John was on holiday in Scotland.

YYN kicked off proceedings in the more intimate (ie smaller, lower ceilinged) room at the 229 venue in Great Portland Street, where thousands of old fuddy-duddies from C86 past has cajoled their carers into wheeling themselves out to this most auspicious occasion, huddled away at tbles in dimly lit corners enjoying a milk stout and a game of cribbage while the beat combo performed its reportoire, fondly recalling the days when anorak attire was an accessory for underground cool rather than a necessity to ward off ailments incurred by the inclement summers of modern times.

Due to time restrictions, the beat combo were unable to play their full set. so the customary closer Blood Soup is absent. But precedence was given to four new songs which are gradually evolving into fully fledged bona fide YYN classics with each performance. 

Prick Up Your Ears
Temple Of Convenience
Bias Binding
Up On The Downs
Another Side To Mrs Quill
Shooting From The Hip
Cottage Industry
Let's Start A War
See Through Nature
Stealing In The Name Of The Lord
Automatically Saturday


  1. News songs, eh? Interesting...

    1. I heard some demos of three new songs and they sound fantastic (despite not being properly mastered).

    2. It's just occurred to me that I may have to post something YYN-related for each band members birthday to avoid being accused of favouritism!