Saturday, 10 August 2013

Presidents Of The United States Of America - The Studion, Stockholm 29/3/1996

As the eighties drew to a close and the shambling C86sters ceased sucking on mummy's tit to get proper jobs to pay off debts accrued by commercial failure, and with most ravers either institutionalised or in morgues, the dawn of the nineties was largely the domain of workshy grungers (dressed, somewhat conversely, as lumberjacks or construction labourers) who ponced of their hard working girlfriends and wrote songs about how crap their lives were to pass time until their dealers arrived with a fresh batch of exotic phrmaceuticals. The UK's antidote to all this was to sing about daily life in Britain, including subjects on obese people dossing on park benches in the sarf and stoned dole-spongers walking down hallways faster than cannonballs.

Enter the Presidents Of The United States Of America who roused the nineties youth from teen torpor with songs about tinned fruit, unidentifiable species of pondlife, beach transportation and cocaine-snorting frogs and their curious musical instrument hybrid of guitbasses and bassitars.

At the time of this session, PUSA were pop picking their to prosperity in the UK charts with Lumps. Debut album, originally released on a small independent label, was snapped up by Colombia and went on to sell several million copies worldwide.

The group would split up soon after the release of overlooked second album "II" in 1997, but in the noughties have periodically reunited for packed out tours and the odd album or two, most recently in 2008.

TV Eye
Kick Out The Jams
Lunatic To Love
Feather Pluckn/Baby, You're A Rich Man
Bug City
Boll Weevil
Naked and Famous
Man (Opposable Thumb)
Dune Buggy
Back Porch
Feel Like Makin' Love/Peaches


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