Thursday, 22 August 2013

Wolfhounds - Peel Sessions 1986-88

Another eighties indie combo recently liberated from the cryogenics lab, the Wolfhounds create(d) their own inimitable brand of abrasive pop - Byrdsian jingle jangle played on Dragnet-era Fall guitars, mixed in with strangulated riffs and intelligent, socially-observant lyrics egested by the nasal operatics of Dave Callahan.

The first two Peel sessions have been bandied about blogsville in recent years, but the second session (in my humble opinion) is the best quality I've come across so far. For a long time I'd thought I must have imagined the final session from 1988 as it's not listed on the Keeping It Peel site and had never seen it on t'net until it magically appeared last November on the excellent Did Not Chart. I've unashamedly purloined those files and edited out the Peelspeak, plus raised the pitch a tad as the originals sounded a little slow to me. But if you diagree, click on the above link to hear the original files.

Anti-Midas Touch
Hand In The Till
Whale On The Beach

Boy Racers
Disgusted, E7
Rule Of Tumb

Non-Specific Song
Happy Shopper
William Randolph Hearse
Son Of Nothing

* Update 5/13/2015: new files for 1987 session added.


  1. Another band from "back then" that I regret not paying more attention to... I taped these sessions & bought a couple of their 45s, but I never saw them live or owned one of their LPs.

    Regrets, I've had a few, but then again... :)

  2. There's still time to make amends - they're out and about doing the rounds every so often.