Friday, 6 September 2013

The Chills - Peel Sessions 1985-88/Live 1990

Earlier this week it was announced that The Chills will be releasing a live album, Somewhere Beautiful, in October. Recorded at a private party on New Years Eve in 2011, the album will be available as a standard to 2cd edition and a limited 3LP set with lavish packaging and an art print by Shane Cotton. Available to pre-order via Fire records, details of which can be found on the official Chills Facebook page.

In the meantime, he's some more choice Chills tunage to whet your appetite. The Peel sessions gained a limited commercial release on the ridiculously rare Secret Box rarities set, self-released by Martin Phillips in 2000. Recorded by three different "phases" of the group in three years, highlights include Moonlight On Flesh and Christmas Chimes, neither of which made it on to record at the time, and early stabs at tracks that would grace their major lable debut, Submarine Bells.

Rollin' Moon
Brave Words
Wet Blanket
Night Of Chill Blue

Dan Destiny & The Silver Dawn
Living In A Jungle
Moonlight On Flesh

Part Past, Part Fiction
Christmas Chimes
Effloresce And Deliquesce
Dead Web

It was 23 years ago today.....

Excellent audience recording of the Submarine Bells-era line-up/phase. 19 songs in total, including equal dollops of songs from the first two albums, early singles and two ultr-rare originals, I Saw Your Silhouette and Smile From A Dead Dead Face.

Update Jul 16:
All files have now been deleted.
The complete BBC sessions are now officially available in all manner of formats from record stores across the globe.

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  1. Thanks for making these available, however some of the tracks are mislabelled. In the first session, tracks 1 and 4 are transposed and in the final session tracks 3 and 4 are transposed.