Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A Witness - Peel Sessions 1985-88

All four sessions A Witness recorded for Uncle John before their career was truncated by the tragic death of Rick Aitken. There's very little to be found on the net concerning the group, although some interesting live footage has surfaced recently on youtube. For the uninitiated, I'll direct you to Wikipedia. Accusations of laziness will be counteracted with the fact that there's nothing more I can add to the scant and semi-reliable information already available on t'net. So there!

The Loudhailer Song
Smelt Like A Pedestrian
O'Grady's Dream
Sharpened Sticks
Faglane Morris Wind
Nodding Dog Moustache
Raw Patch
Hard Day's Love
Take Me To The Earth
McManus Octaphone
Sunbed Sentimantal
Zip Up
I Love You Mr. Disposable Razors
Life - The Final Frontier
Helicopter Tealeaf
Prince Microwave Bollard