Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Yeah Yeah Noh - Sumo, Leicester 21/12/2013

Christmas isn't Christmas nowadays without YYN's annual pre-festive spirit warm up in what is generally considered their hometown, despite the fact that all but Derek either live in or are from Birmingham.
Second gig with new keyboard player Fiona Hodgson, following the departure of Eva Landsberg to concentrate on whatever it is departing musicians concentrate on. First ever performance of new song She Pulls The Petal From The Flower, and Queen's Highway, first unveiled at the Peel All-dayer in Preston back in October. For the grey hairs wishing to relive their student days as cappacino-supping armchair socialists, Cottage Industry is also here.
The set kicks off with a radical new arrangement of Blood Soup. The song has been transformed into a medium paced rave for the middle aged who've lost that luvved up feeling and whose recreational highs are gained from nothing more nefarious than sucking on an aniseed ball or two.
YYN are set to go into the studio in January to record a new ep, slated for release in February. Several shows have already been scheduled for 2014, the next being in March at The Cross, Moseley supporting Vic Godard and The June Brides.
Thanks once again to Mr. Symons and his magical contraptions for doing the honours.


  1. Ta, looking forward to giving this a listen... I'm pleased to see they're taking their reformation seriously (i.e. writing new songs & suchlike) rather than just stumbling through the old stuff.

    1. Even back in the day YYN were restlessly evolving. If you listen to their three John Peel sessions back to back, the transition is startling considering they were recorded in an 18 month period. And even the arrangements on most songs were quite different to those on the records.

      Who knows, if they hadn't curtailed their career so abruptly, they could have been bigger than the Sun Ra Arkestra and headling festivals on Saturn by now.

  2. Thanks for this and the heads up on the Moseley gig - just ordered tickets - see you there?