Saturday, 25 October 2014

Peelfest! #4

It doesn't seem possible that a whole decade has elapsed since the passing of John Peel. While his former colleagues are being exposed as paedos and pervs, Peel's legacy remains undiminished and will quite possibly inspire future generations of musicians with the misfortune of being too young to have had the pleasure of listening to his shows first time around.
So here we have the fourth - and final - Peelfest!, kicking off with two much-bootlegged-but-still-commercially-unreleased Syd-era Pink Floyd sessions from 1967, Peel's first year of broadcasting at Radio 1. Ideally, it would have been fitting to end this post with a session from 2004, but all I had from that year was The Magic Band's set which is already available @ Life Has Surface Noise (along with the ATP set from April 2003), so it seems pointless duplicating it here.
And so it seems appropriate to call time on my life as a blogger and consign Maggot Caviar to the flotsam of cyberspace, until rediscovered a hundred years from now by a futuristic music obsessive commuting to work by jetpack, whose genetically-modified cerebellum with built in Wi-Fi accidently stumbles across these archaic but perfectly preserved pages.
Nostalgia be damned!
 But as Shaw Taylor used to say on Police 5: Keep 'em Peeled!
Matilda Mother
The Gnome
Reaction In G
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
Vegetable Man
Scream Thy Last Scream
Pow R Toch H
Jugband Blues
Fone Bone
Pipe Dream
I Will Never Be The One To Break Your Heart
Please Please Please
Glasgow Dreamer Ep 15
Glasgow Dreamer Ep 14
The River Bends
Local Natural Sounds
Free Wood
A Warm Bucket
The Book
A Big Head
Carry On Dancing
A Romantic Man
01 Paid Cheto Ar Pam (Don't Cheat On Pam)
If Fingers Were Xylophones
Plethau (Things)
Long Was The Year
Echo's Answer
Where Youth and Laughter Go
The Drinking Eye
Pro-Your Life
Tiny Girls
Leave The Day Free
Come On Over To My House
Bad Girl
I'll Keep Holding On
Village Of Love
 Song For The Family
Wake Up To The World
At Your Luau
Nothing Here
Lover Lover
Your Priorities
HD Rider
Show Me The Roof
Winners Lose
Running Around
I Don’t Mind
Colour Me In
And if you are reading this a hundred years from now, hello from beyond the grave and don't forget to leave a comment!
Thanks very much for listening......Goodnight.


Monday, 20 October 2014

Rig Veeda & The Twins - The Tale of the Man With The Toothpaste Head (LP 1986)

Trawling through the extensive and comprehensive Cale archives over the windy weekend, I stumbled upon this here cult classic curio.  Despite the name giving the impression of a mystic frontman backed by identical siblings, they were in fact two different groups: The Twins featured Paul Rixon from The McTells and Bi-Joopiter co-founder Gillian Elam; Rig Veeda were the aforementioned duo accompanied by the surname-secretive David and Lesley.
No mere McTells side project(s) for rejected ideas in the group proper, Rig Veeda issued their debut cassette on Bi-Joopiter as far back as 1983. The Twins issued to two cassette-only albums - A Banana Fish On The Moon and Boy Saves Hedgehog - in 1986 and '87 respectively. In between those releases this vinyl album came out on Illusion Production, a French label with a roster that included The Legendary Pink Dots and DDAA, and whose sporadic releases continue to this day.
The McTells performed at the C86 Launch Party in London back in June, and with that ongoing revival largely being documented by Cherry Red, it is tempting to fantasise about a Bi-Joopiter back catalogue box set materialising in physical form(at) one day in the not too distant future.
Until then, give this album a virtual spin and marvel at more innocent times when lo-fi was being created before the genre was indelibly tagged.
Dance With A Fish
Man In Green
Brother Be
Man With The Toothpaste Head
Hundred Hollow Horses
Here/Come Again
Never Seen That Girl Before
Richard Said
I'm All Messed Up
Capa Milo
Into The Dark
A Wet Night In Brighton

Friday, 26 September 2014

The Undertones - Peel Session 2/4/2003

In their original incarnation, Derry's finest recorded five sessions for John Peel which over the years were issued piecemeal on several releases, the most comprehensive being the Listening In set from 2004 which featured the long lost debut session recorded in a Belfast studio in 1978 and a lone Richard Skinner session.

This 2003 session - the only one to feature current singer Paul McLoone - has yet to gain an official release. I've not come across this on the land of blog (or for that matter youtube) before, so enjoy!

Peel Intro
Everything But You
Thrill Me
I Need Your Love The Way It Used To Be
A Girl Like You

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Wolfhounds - 1988 Peel Session Upgrade

.....Or 75% upgrade to be exact.
The Wolfhounds third (and final) session was Peel was aired recently on Marc Riley's 6 Music show, and yours truly was on hand to capture the sonic delights for posterity. IN-FUUUR-REEE-A-TING-LEEEE Non-Specific Song wasn't played, so we're stuck with the tinny file from the original post.
Retail therapy is bestowed upon Wolfhounds fans worldwide this winter with the release of the group's first album since 1990. Middle Aged Freaks, a 13 track cd to be issued by Oddbox in October, collects all of the recordings the group have made since reuniting, including all tracks from the three limited edition 7" singles. Available to pre-order now from Oddbox.
And if that wasn't enough spontaneous auto combustion-inducing excitement for you, 1987 debut Unseen Ripples From A Pebble receives the expanded deluxe reissue treatment this November. Available on cd for the first time ever, there will also be a double vinyl version, each format featuring 15 bonus tracks. Details from Optic Nerve.

Happy Shopper
William Randolph Hearse
Son Of Nothing
Non-Specific Song
First two sessions posted August 2013.


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Ivor Cutler - Peel Sessions 1977-78


At the risk of turning this blog into the Ivor Cutler Appreciation Society (which would be no bad thing, mind) here are another two sessions from the great man.
Of the nine sessions Ivor cut (see what I did there) for Peel during the 70s, only the 1979 set has surfaced so far, courtesy of the indefatigable Fruitier Than Thou. This session from August 1977 - his eighth for the programme - is the only one to have been made available commercially, appearing as a Strange Fruit 12" in 1989, copies of which will now set you back £25 minimum, assuming you're lucky enough to track down a copy.
In addition to that we have three pieces from a follow up session in April 1978. A total of 14 pieces were taped at this session - including three episodes of Life In A Scotch Sitting Room. I edited the files from a partial recording of a repeat broadcast on 5 May 1978 that I found on the John Peel Wiki. Thanks and superlatives go out to the unknown tapist/uploader

A Great Grey Grasshopper
A Suck Of My Thumb
The Shchi
Get Away From The Wall
The Natural Height Of Cloud
If We Dug A Hole
I Had A Little Boat
I'm Going To A Field
Life In A Scotch Sitting Room Vol 2 Ep 12
Life In A Scotch Sitting Room Vol 2 Ep 13
Jungle Tips: Owl
Life In A Scotch Sitting Room Vol 2 Ep 8
There's Got To Be Something There
Life In A Scotch Sitting Room Vol 2 Ep 14

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Pere Ubu - 1989 Peel Session Upgrade!

Following my original post of this session (now deleted), Pete Conkerton from the Peel sessions group on Facebook came to the rescue to provide the missing track, We Have The Technology. I've since discovered that all three tracks were officially issued by Mercury in 2007 as bonus material on the expanded and remastered cd editions of The Tenement Year and Cloudland.

This was Cleveland's most famous sons only session for the Peel show, taped on 27th June 1989 and transmitted on 7th August the same year.

Ubu's latest album Carnival Of Souls was released just last week and is available on both cd and vinyl formats.

We Have The Technology
Miss You
Bus Called Happiness
Additionally, Pete has also kindly sent me a file of Doing The Bathroom Ep 2 that was missing from Ivor Cutler's 1992 session, as well as three more files for the 1983 session.. Thanks Pete!!!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Ivor Cutler - Peel Sessions 1991-93

Four more sessions (No's. 17-20) Ivor Cutler taped for the Peel programme in the early nineties.
Ivor had been a regular session guest on the JP wing-ding after debuting on the short-lived Noght Ride show in 1969, making appearances if not every year then certainly every other yeat.
Unsually four years had elaspsed since the Peel/Kershaw double-header of summer 1987 by the time he recorded his first session of the nineties. Perhaps making up for lost time, or maybe a sense of guilt for such a lengthy absence, Ivor was invited back to Maida Vale on Halloween just four months later - the only time he recorded two sessions in the same year for Peel. Two more sessions would ensue a year apart from one another in 1992 and 1993 respectively.
As far as I can ascertain, all sessions are in completion bar one missing piece from the 1992 set.*
Ivor would go on to record two more Peel session in 1995 and 1998, the latter recorded at his (Cutler's not Peel's) own home.

* Update 13/9/14 - A file for Doing The Bathroom Ep 2 was kindly sent to me by Pete Conkerton from the excellent John Peel Sessions group on Facebook.


Glasgow Dreamer Ep 8
Beside The Fish
Green Light
Bill Tong
A Long Hard Gland
Hee Haw
Two Coy Hinnies
Glasgow Dreamer Ep 6
Thick Coat
Glasgow Dreamer Ep 7
The Following
Squares and Exit
Sparked Off By
Peel Intro
Doing The Bathroom Ep 1
The Lid
25,000 Miles
Part Of The Ground
Between Two Walls
Your Side
Ros Vulgaris
A Dale Song
Two Paracetamol
  Doing The Bathroom Ep 2
Gym Mistress
Billy's Wife
A High Treat
Terrific Fun
My Top Twenty Words
Glasgow Dreamer Ep 19

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Peelfest! #3

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that today is John Peel's 75th birthday, so by appropriate coincidence here is my 75th Peel session post. Previously the Peelfest's have been posted on the anniversary of Uncle John's passing, but I decided to bring this one forward as a small contribution to commemorate this special occasion.
So, once again here are five eclectic sessions, one from each decade of John's broadcasting career.
Trouble Trouble
An Old Poltroon
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce
There And Back Via Sweden
In My Room Sits A Box
An Indirect Love Poem


Rodgers and Out
Tears On My Pillow
Jumping Into Love
Fruitier Than Thou has CDV's debut 1984 Peel session and an Andy Kershaw set from 1985.
Hawaiian Island Wranglers
I'm In Love With No One
Street Bunny
Volvo In G


Pram - Peel 03/04/2003
The Archivist

Monday, 25 August 2014

Ivor Cutler - Peel Session 23/02/1983

Ivor Cutler's 12th session for Uncle John, albeit with three pieces missing.
Some confusion abounds as to the exact date the recording of this session took place. Both the John Peel Wiki and Keeping It Peel sites list the date as March 23rd, but the first broadcast was on the 3rd of that month with a repeat airing on the aforementioned date which these recordings are taken from. The same show also featured the sixth session from the Fall which included Smile and Eat Y'Self Fitter, the latter track purportedly sent Peel into a mild state of delirium!
A scout about on Google lead me to a Cutler fansite which lists the recording date as February 3rd, so it seems plausible that that is the correct date and clear how confusion over the two dates could have arisen.
Mostly Tins
Bad Eye
Life In A Scotch Sitting Room Vol 2 Ep 17
Doughnut In My Hand
Old Black Dog
People Run To The Edge
Life In A Scotch Sitting Room Vol 2 Ep 18
Pussy On The Mat
The Wren
Women Of The World

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Red Letter Day - Peel Session 13/04/1986

Pride of Pompey punky pop purveyors Red Letter Day taped just this one session for John Peel at the dawning of the indelibly-tagged C86 era. The group had already released their debut 7" single Wherever YouMay Run the previous year, self-financed on their own label Last Generation. I recall Janice Long giving the single a fair bit of airplay, even reading out the group's contact address with details of how to purchase the disc (which I duly and eagerly did).
The band had formed in 1984, but at the time of this session frontman/guitarist Ade Oakley was the only original member,  recruited Davie Egan (guitar), Keith Metcalfe (bass), and Daryn Price (drums) for a line up that would remain stable until 1988.
Possibly too punk for floppy fringed brown anorak brigade and too pop for hardcore post-punkers, RLD seemingly melded UK Subs chord progressions with sixties melodic pop hooks to create their own peculiar post-punk vision - the main riff to Killing Ground wouldn't sound out of place on The Notorious Byrd Brothers or Love first album.
The group signed to the Quiet label for their next release, a four track 12" ep entitled Released Emotions issued a few months after this session and a 7" Take Me In Your Arms. A split album with The Sect appeared in 1988, but it wouldn't be until 1991 that they issued their debut album proper, More Songs About Love And War, followed three years later by Nothing At This Moment In Time.
Aside from a best of retrospective (Chance Meetings) in 2004, the band issued no further new material, but were still fairly active on the south coast live circuit until the early noughties.
Spark Of Love
Coming Home
Killing Ground
Wherever You May Run
Susie's Bombed Out Tonite

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Yeah Yeah Noh - First Rehearsal 12/08/1983

Here's a real treat for fans in awe of the most perfect pop group known to mankind. A lost treasure recently unearthed from Derek Hammond's attic, here's an early version of YYN featuring a line up of Derek Hammond, John Grayland, Graham Summers (drummer on the Cottage Industry ep) and on bass Alan Jenkins of Deep Freeze Mice fame, shaping up songs in preparation for what would this line up's one an only gig at The Imperial Hotel in Leicester the following month.
Recorded at the "Mice Abode", Cottage Industry comes almost fully fledged to the debut ep version released almost exactly a year on from this session.
Trini Lopez was an out-take from the March '84 sessions for the Cottage Industry 7" but gained a posthumous release on the Cordelia Records sampler album, Obscure Independent Classics Vol 3. Here the song has a more slower-paced jazz swing type of rhythm.
Cult Of Excellence is an early stab at what became 1901 from the Beware The Weakling Lines ep.
While the title may be familiar, Married Miss New Jersey is a completely different song to the one on Cutting The Heavenly Lawn....
Keen Cyclist was later recorded for a home demo session in January '84 which landed the beat combo a recording contract with In Tape. Otherwise the song was dropped from their repertoire.
If the Velvet Underground had the great lost album then YYN can lay claim to the great lost 12" only bonus track! Observation was performed at the aforementioned gig but soon dropped. On closer inspection listening to the main E/Amin chord sequence I wonder if this was maybe later adapted for Blood Soup?
Cottage Industry
Trini Lopez
Keen Cyclist
Cult Of Excellence
Married Miss New Jersey
Of course, all this is a world away from where YYN are at now. New single She Pulls The Petal From The Flower was released in June and can be listened to at the group's youtube channel Yeah Yeah Noh Videoh. Once you've done that why not splash out on the 3 track digital ep from Amazon.
You also get a Score Dub of the title track and a new recording of Another Side To Mrs. Quill for your hard earned pennies. In addition to that there's an exclusive Juneau Brothers remix of Petal on Bandcamp. There's also a 6 track dj promo cd doing the rounds with a remix of Quill and new song Automatically Saturday (Arc Vel mix).
Yeah Yeah Noh are busy recording a new album which will hopefully be released by the end of the year. Chart their progress at the combo's Facebook page.
And while you're logged in to Facebook, maybe you might take a peak at the international - some might say universal - YYN fan club that is The Yeah Yeah Noh Ropey Audio Emporium where you will find all manner of exclusive goodies and rarities past and present.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Pastels - Peel Sessions 1997-99

I posted The Pastels debut Peel session from 1984, along with the unbroadcast Kid Jenson session from the same year, back in April 2013.  By the time they followed it up thirteen years later The Pastels had evolved into an entirely different beastie:  the pastel-painted pop punk of olde had been replaced by a more pastoral perculation of post-rock.

The '97 session kicks off with Ship To Shore (possibly exclusive to this session, unless you know different), followed by a cover the Silver Jews Advice To The Graduate. The acclaimed Illumination album gets a shot of publicity with a version of On The Way. Frozen Wave - a track only otherwise available on the b side to Unfair Kind Of Fame - fades out after little over a minute due to running out of tape!

In Pastels terms, the third session arrived pretty hastily. Opening number Star is introduced by Peel as as a cover of the "Hallelujah psychedelic masterpiece". I don't know the original but would like to. The next two tracks would not appear on record for another 14 years! Secret Music opened last summer's excellent Slow Summits album, while Rundown Rendezvous is an early stab at what became thee album's title track. The last song is a version of Mechanised from 1997's Illumination.

Ship To Shore
Advice To The Graduate
On The Way
Frozen Wave
Rundown Rendezvous
Secret Music

Friday, 8 August 2014

McCarthy - Peel Session 7/10/1986

McCarthy may possibly be considered a footnote in fan-conscience as the band Tim Gane was in before he hit the big time with Stereolab. If so, they'd be wrong and missing out.

The group released debut single In Purgatory on the Wall Of Salmon (!) label in late 1985. They were given wider exposure with their inclusion on the NME's C86 compilation, reissued as a 3cd deluxe box set by Cherry Red in June of this year. Although sharing musical similarities, McCarthy had more lyrical depth than their jangly contemporaries with subject matters going beyond spotty teen crushes, weather conditions and chocolate.

Tim Gane's prolific songwriting nature was already in evidence at this early stage which would go into complete overdrive come the 90s, no doubt causing diehard collectors nightmares and possibly hair and weight loss too in tracking down every 'Lab formatting variant.

McCarthy released a total of  three albums, plus a singles/b sides compilation before calling it a day in 1990. They recorded three sessions for Peel almost exactly a year apart from one another, none of which I've come across in the Land Of Blog before. This is their debut from October 1986.

An MP Speaks
Franz Hals
A Child Soon In Chains

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Terry Edwards - Peel Sessions 1991-99

All four sessions in completion that Terry Edwards recorded for the John Peel wing ding. Edwards first came to prominence in the early 80s as trumpet player for The Higsons, a band he co-founded whilst studying at the University of East Anglia.

At the start of the 90s Edwards was fronting his own band, later to evolve into The Scapegoats, and released a single covering songs by The Fall and The Jesus and Mary Chain. As well as penning and performing his own original material, some interesting cover choices are spread across these for sessions, ranging from Miles Davis to Motorhead, via James Brown and even a Napalm Death medley!

Edwards has worked with a variety of musicians and artists including Nick Cave, Lydia Lunch, Tom Waits, Gallon Drunk and Faust to name but a few.

All four sessions have appeared on difficult to find (unless you reside in Scandinavia, so it seems)official releases back in the 90s, although there's merchandise aplenty to be found at the Sartorial label's website.

Terry Edwards is due to play the Peel Regenerated festival in Stockton-On-Tees this October. Also featuring other Maggot Caviar favourites including Nightingales, Wolfhounds, Eton Crop, A Witness, a reformed Terry & Gerry and many more. Details on Facebook.
Napalm Death Medley
Lubbock, Texas
Hey Louis, Let's Do Lunch
It's Showtime
Five Years
I Like The Low-Life Low
Boots Off!
Sick Thru Drunk
Cover Versions
Sex Machine
Ace Of Spades
Spill The Beans

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Cobra - Peel Session 29/12/1991

I must confess my knowledge of Cobra is virtually nil and have yet to investigate his music beyond this his one and only session for John Peel. A shameful admission, I know, but my grandmother is 105 years of age, so genetically it looks like I've got plenty of time to make amends.

Cobra was born Ewart Everton Brown in 1968 in Kingston, Jamaica. Sometimes trading under the name of Mad Cobra, he released his first single in 1989 and scored several Jamaican hits before he released his UK debut album in 1991. He has since gone on to release 24 albums to date.

This was Cobra's only session for The Peelster which received two airings in January and April 1992.

Tek Him
Be Patient

The Make-Up - Peel Session 17/11/1999

The Make-Up formed in Washington DC in 1995 from the ashes of National Of Ulysses. Disillusioned with alternate/indie rock in the wake of the Nirvana explosion, the new-founded group set out to perfect a hi-energy mix of garage punk fused with soul and gospel, with live performances utilising the audience as a collective fifth member.

The group released four studio albums, two live albums, plus a compilation album of several limited edition singles and b sides until their dissolution in 2000. They recorded two sessions for the John Peel Show: the first in April 1997 and this their second showcasing three tracks from what would be their last official studio album Save Yourself as well as a version of Every Baby Cries The Same, a single they released around this time.

Following The Make-Up's demise, Ian Svenonius has gone on to release solo albums, formed Weird War with Neil Hagerty of Royal Trux, become a published author, and has hosted an online TV show interview artists and musicians from the "indie underground", including Billy Childish, Genesis P-Orridge and Mark E. Smith. The band reformed for a one-off performance at ATP in 2012.

Call Me Mommy
I Am Pentagon
Every Baby Cries The Same
The Prophet

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Mogwai - Peel Sessions 1996-2003

Complete set of sessions by Mogwai - the first three taped at Maida Vale, while the last two were performed live to air in front of a small studio audience. What more is their to say?

Superheroes Of BMX
Summer (Priority Version)
Waltz For Joe
Mogwai Salute The Brilliance Of Steve Lamacq
Procedure 4 (Xmas Steps)
Ex- Cowboy
Don't Cry
New Paths To Helicon
Spoon Test
Yes, I Am A Long Way From Home
Nick Drake
You Don't Know Jesus
Radar Maker
My Father My King
Hunted By A Freak
Kids Will Be Skeletons
Killing All The Flies
Stop Coming To My House
Golden Porsche
Ratts Of The Capitol
I Know Who You Are But Who Am I?
Helicon 1

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hyper Kinako - Peel Session 20/02/2003

I know next to nothing about this Anglo-Japanese "pop/art-punk rock" five-piece. It seems they only released one 7" single (Don't Delete My Frog b/w Two Tadgers) in 2004 plus had one track (Tokyo Invention Registration Office) on a four way split 7" released on GoJonnyGoGoGoGo label in 2003.
Sounding like a cross between Deerhoof and Melt-Banana, the group consisted of  Phil Archer, Lisa Horton, Greg MacDermott, Toko and Shigeto Wada and ventured into the Maida Vale studios in February 2003 for what would be their only session.
If anyone has any information on this most curious and excellent combo, please leave a comment below.

Fucksake Sujiko
Bika Lika
Two Tadgers
Popping Step
Don't Delete My Frog

Ronnie Ronalde - Peel Session 19/05/2002

 Nice Sunday afternoon music.
Ronnie Ronalde was one of Peel's earliest musical heroes, a London-born singer, whistler (or siffleur/imitator of birdsong to be precise) and yodeller who was a big star in music hall during the 1940s and 50s. As the 60s dawned and rock 'n roll captured the imagination of the teenage public, Ronalde's popularity had declined and by the 1980s he had settled with his family in New Zealand.
In the early noughties, Peel was out and about on one of his regular record shopping trips in the capital when he came across an album of Ronalde's. Peel played a track on his show one night and was subsequently inundated with email requests for more, eventually airing all tracks from the album over a period of time.
Out of the blue, one day he received an email from Ronnie himself. Plans were afoot for a UK tour in 2002 - logically enough Peel jumped at the chance to invite him for a session and studio time was hastily booked in Maida Vale 4.

Peel Intro
Trish Trash Polka
O Sole Mio
Mockingbird Hill

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Fflaps - Peel Sessions 1988-90

I must confess Fflaps somehow passed me by back in the day. It was only in the last ten years my ears became acquainted with them when I chanced upon a repeat broadcast of their debut session after downloading a December 1988 Festive 50 show from the late great John Peel Everyday blog .
The "Welsh language post-punk" trio formed in Bangor in 1987 comprising Ann Matthews (vocals/guitar), Alan Holmes (bass) and Jonny Evans (drums). The group signed to Probe Plus for two albums - Amhersain (1988) and Malltod (1990) - and released an eponymously-titled third album on Central Slate in 1992 before calling it a day that same year.
Matthews and Holmes went on to form Ectogram who have released seven albums to date, the most recent being Exo-Celestial in 2011. Holmes also worked as a session musician for Melys and Gorky's Zygotic Mynci as well as in-house sleeve designer for the Ankst label.
Blodyn Tatws (Potato Flower)
 Llosg Llech (Slate Burn)
Pethau Piws (Purple Things)
 Y Dyn Bun (The Grumpy Man)
Malltod (Decay)
Rhowch Hi I'r Belgwyr (Give It To The Belgians)
 Hyll Eto (Ugly Again)
Arwyr Duwiol (Godly Heroes)

Friday, 1 August 2014

Plant Bach Ofnus - Peel Sessions 1988-91

Both sessions mysterious and elusive Welsh (husband/wife?, brother/sister?) duo recorded for John Peel. I know virtually nothing about them and very little info of substance - not even a photo - is to be found on them. Discogs lists three 7" eps and a cassette-only album released between 1988-90, each on different labels.
Gorwel Owen later went on to produce Gorky's Zygotic Mynci from Tatay to Spanish Dance Troupe and possibly beyond, as well as working with Datblygu and Super Furry Animals.
Sadly, both sessions are incomplete, one track missing from each session. If anyone has the missing tracks or more details on Plant Bach Ofnus, please leave a comment below.
Llwyd (Grey)
Awst (August)
Pydredd (Rot)
Saith (Seventh)
Curiad & Bass = Groove
Cyfnod Pump (Phase 5)
For more info go to Gorwel Owen's website

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Moe Tucker - Peel Session 18/02/1992

Post- Velvet Underground break up, two thirds of the key band members eventually found their way into the BBC Maida Vale studios - the excptions being Lou Reed and Doug Yule. Nico got their first in 1971 and was invited back for a second three years later. The latter was recently issued for the first time as bonus material on the deluxe edition of The End; the former was pressed onto a Strange Fruit 12" ep in 1988. John Cale recorded his one and only Peel session in May 1985, but nearly two decades would pass before another Velvet would get the official Peel seal of approval.
Maureen Tucker - with Sterling Morrison in tow - was touring the UK to promote her latest album, 1991's I Spent A Week There Last Night. Three songs from that lp were showcased for the session, along with new track, Trains, that would feature on what to date is her last album of new studio material, Dogs Under Stress from 1993.
Peel Intro
Blue, All The Way To Canada
Fired Up
Too Shy
Nico's debut '71 session can be found @ I Love Total Destruction,
while her second from '74 is on youtube.
Fruitier Than Thou has the John Cale session.

Tortoise - Peel Sessions 1996-98

Both sessions Chicago's post-rock pioneers taped for John Peel in the mid-90s. Cool Britannia may have been sweeping the nation if the brain-pummelling media hype was to be believed, but in the hearts and minds of the more discerning household it was Tortoise and their ilk who ruled the (air) waves.
No new material has been released since 2009's Beacons Of Ancestorship and the last entry on their website was dated September 2011 announcing a score recorded for Blair Witch Project director Eduardo Sanchez.
The Taut And The Tame
Tin Cans And Twine
Aldeia De Olgum
In Sarah Mencken Christ And Beethoven There
I Set My Face To The Hillside
Check out Tortoise live @ ATP 2001 on a post I published in July 2012.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Pixies - Peel Sessions 1990-91

I'm afraid I'm one of the dissenters when asked for an opinion on the Pixies comeback album Indie City, but I won't bore you with the details. Instead let us marvel in awe-inspiring wonderment when it seemed the fiery foursome were the only group that (ever) mattered.

The Pixies recorded seven sessions for the BBC which have been much bootlegged, highlights of which were officially issued in 1997 on 4AD's At The BBC compilation. It was Simon Mayo who first gave the band exposure on British airwaves with a session broadcast on 8th March 1988. However, the four songs (Here Comes Your Man, Down To The Well, Break My Body, Subbaculcha) were leftovers from sessions that Come On Pilgrim (aka The Purple Tape demos). These tracks, along with a further five unreleased from tape would see release on an eponymously-titled album in 2001.

By the close of '88 the Pixies had notched up two sessions for Peel in quick session, followed by a third in 1989 - all available from Vibracobra.  The fourth from 1990 was actually a Black Francis solo session. Is She Weird? was made available on 4AD's Pixies At The BBC set, but all the other tracks - including an early run through of Brian Wilson's Hang On To Your Ego, later to grace Frank Black's 1993 debut lp - remain unreleased.

Two months later the full band line-up were back at Maida Vale, this time to tape a set for Mark Goodier, before returning for a final time to nail down their fifth session for Peelie in 1991.

Hang On To Your Ego
Is She Weird?
Palace Of The Brine
Letter To Memphis
Motorway To Roswell

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Adventures In Stereo - Brand New Day (Bobsled 7" 1997)

Seven 7" Singles In Seven Days #7:
Final instalment of our week long wander into lost wonderment.
Adventures In Stereo were formed in 1994 by Primal Scream founder Jim Beattie and his partner Judith Boyle after their previous outfit Spirea X broke up. Swapping roles with Boyle handling lead vocal duties, the pair were initially joined by Simon Dine who created the rather unique samples that acting as the backing track to the short but sweet songs. Dine would leave the group before the eponymous debut album was released in 1996.
Brand New Day was their fourth single and lifted from their second album Alternative Stereo Sounds, both issued in 1997. Three versions of the single exist: a 2 track 7" and 4 track cd issued in the UK by Creeping Bent, and this here 4 track half clear/half purple 7" issued in the US on Bobsled.
Beattie and Boyle continued for a third album, Monomania released in 2000, adopting a sound similar to pre-Sonic Flower Groove Primal Scream. Since that a time both appear to have dropped out of the music business altogether.

A1 Brand New Day
A2 Pass Me By
B1 Waves
B2 Nobody's Scared

Friday, 25 July 2014

The Oinklets - The Oink Song (Intape 7" Flexi 1986)

Seven 7" Singles In Seven Days #6
Friday flexi freebie frivolous frolicsome fun!
Oink! was a short lived comic founded by Tony Husband and Mark Rodgers that was first published in May 1986. Devised as a Viz comic for under 18s, it was originally a fortnightly publication that ran for 68 issues until October 1988. Among its staff writers was one Marc Riley.
Oink! proved quite controversial due it's "anarchic" - conservative groups and a chain of newsagents branded the publication unsuitable for children and successfully campaigned to have it "top-shelved" which had a direct effect on sales.
The first issue came with a free two track clear vinyl flexi disc. The identity of the performers has remained a mystery, but vocalist on The Oinklets track sounds like Chris Sievey/Frank Sidebottom, while Uncle Pig (track 2) definitely sounds like Marc Riley, presumably backed by The Creepers. But regardless of whoever was behind them these two quirky pop ditties  are guaranteed to leave you feeling - wait for it - happy as a pig in shit.

A1 The Oink Song - The Oinklets
A2 Oink Rap - Uncle Pig

Thursday, 24 July 2014

The McTells - Jesse Man Rae (Frank 7" 1988)

Seven 7" Singles In Seven Days #5
I previously wrote about The McTells in November 2012 when I posted their debut Bi-Joopiter flexi disc. After several cassette only releases under various guises, the group issued their first "conventional" disc in 1988 on the Frank label.  
The lead track was a radical re-write of Across The Sea from their debut eponymously-titled cassette only release, while the remaining three tracks had all appeared in earlier forms on the aforementioned debut and Expecting Joe cassettes.
The sleeve design was unmistakably Creation influenced with a fold out paper cover housed in a poly bag which included a colour 7 x 7 Bi-Joopiter mail order insert. As far as I'm aware none of the versions of these songs on this ep have ever been re-issued.
The McTells continued to release "proper" records into the 90s and the Bi-Joopiter label has been inspirational to many budding independent label bosses of subsequent generations.
Virginia MC was included as a bonus track on the deluxe edition C86 box set and the group reconvened to perform at the album launch at 229 in London last June.
A1 Jesse Man Rae
A2 If Only
B1 Rotten
B2 M.T.B.