Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Fall - Finsbury Park 27/07/1986

Ah! There you are!

Belated happy new year to avid perusers of blogness one and all, wherever you may be. Yours truly has been on an extended monastic sabbatical in a secret wilderness location (not Rugby), practising the disciplines of daily matutinal meditation and self-pampering with liberal honeyrock massage sessions, whilst subsisting on a diet of boiled organically-grown brown rice, EU restriction-free lettuce burgers, and natural mineral water sourced from the more remote reaches of the Himalayas. I have attained complete oneness with the universe, dear reader, and I now know my wu from my VU, my bokwa from my Sun Ra, and my Bhagavad Gita from my Rockin' With Rita.

Mr. Rooksby has been posting some interesting early eighties live recordings of T'Fall of late over at I Love Total Destruction. Not to be outdone, I thought I would muscle in with my first post of 2014 with my first ever Fall post.

There are precious few live recordings of the Bend Sinister-era that have surfaced in my orb, but this is one of the best, audio-wise. Playing as support to The Damned's 10th anniversary shindig, the group rip through a set largely made up of new songs from the imminent aforementioned album's release, yet kicking off with Cruiser's Creek, already sounding like a bonafide pop classic, despite being barely a year old, and treating fans to City Hobgoblins, which in Fall-terms is like a lost composition discovered on a manuscript of sepia-tainted sheet music unearthed from a medieval burial ground.

Beggars Banquet released the 5 Albums box set last year, gathering up post-86 long players and tidying up loose ends. Rumour has it Bend Sinister is also due for the deluxe makeover. It would be nice if the album received similar treatment to the beautifully-packaged omnibus editions of Wonderful and Frightening World... and This Nation's Saving Grace, complete with meticulously researched booklet, executed with the skill and dedication of a caffeine-addicted jazz archivist with OCD.

We shall see.

1. intro
2. Cruiser's Creek
3. Hot Aftershave Bop
4. Living Too Late
5. US 80s-90s
6. Terry Waite Sez
7. Riddler!
8. Mr. Pharmacist
9. City Hobgoblins
10. L.A.
11. Gross Chapel-British Grenadiers
12. R.O.D.
13. Bombast