Thursday, 17 April 2014

Denim - Denim Take Over (Unreleased LP 1997)

To my shame, in the 30 years since I first chanced upon a copy of The Splendour Of Fear in the Tamworth branch of WH Smiths, and purchased it purely on being intrigued by the sleeve, I had never witnessed Lawrence performing live in his various musical incarnations until last October in Preston.

The gig was originally scheduled at the New Continental, until a concerned bride-to-be contacted the venue two or three days before the event inquiring what time the band was finishing. Realising there had been a double-booking with a wedding reception, the gig was hastily transferred to a backstreet nightclub, The Blitz.

I'm glad I made the trip to Preston, as the subsequent gigs were abruptly cancelled without explanation. A shame, for a band who rarely perform live they were tight and on fine form, Lawrence joking between songs with the small crowd of humble admirers, and the one man orchestra that is Terry Miles is a joy to watch. Also, any unsold GKM key fobs - the only merchandise on sale at the gig - will be left languishing in Lawrence's lock up until whenever they next hit the stage.

Interesting story told to me by (now retired) promoter, Rico. A few minutes before the band were due to hit the stage, Rico was instructed by Lawrence to go out onto the floor and encourage the audience to gather closer to the stage because he wanted to see all the girls dancing down the front. Reality was, 95% of the audience was made up of paunchy, balding men the wrong side of 40, the few women in attendance mostly clocking up a similar number of years!

If anyone in the audience was surreptitiously recording proceedings, I've yet to come across it on t'net. Instead, here's what was to be Denim's third (or fourth if you count Novelty Rock) album which was never released - the band were dropped by their label due to lack of commercial success after the infamously withdrawn single Summer Smash, following the death of Princess Diana.

All 12 songs have subsequently appeared in re-recorded form on the three Go Kart Mozart albums. Home-made cd-r copies of the album have occasionally surfaced on ebay and have been known to fetch £60-80 for those with enviable disposable income. Now you can hear it for nowt.

All credit due to unknown uploader who originally posted this set on the Felt Forum two or three years back.

Island In The Sun
 Delta Echo Echo Beta Alpha Neon Kettle
Lorra Laughs Cilla
Denim Take Over
West Brom Blues
Olly Olly
City Centre
Synth Wizard
Robot Voice
City Of The Dead
Men Look At Women

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