Monday, 23 June 2014

Amayenge - Peel Session 27/7/1988

In the wake of The Bhundu Boys sudden and meteoric rise to a short-lived superstardom, western A&R men eager to cash in on a potential next big thing began plucking bands from the African continent out of obscurity and hastily shipping them to play the toilet circuits of Albion.

Amayenge hailed from Zambia and were formed in Chomba by leader Kris Chali in 1978. On their first, short venture to the UK they found time to make two trips to the BBC's Maida Vale studios. Strangely, the sessions aren't listed on either the Keeping It Peel or John Peel Wiki sites. The recording date for this session is unknown, so I've had to use the date of the repeat broadcast in July 1988. The band recorded a second session the following month before returning home to begin work on their debut (international) album released in 1989.

While success on a global scale eluded them, Amayenge continue to tour across Africa to this day. Electing to carry on after the death of their founder Kris Chali in 2003, the band are now led by his daughter, Alice.

Free Nelson Mandela
Munise Munise
Peel Outro

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